IW21 Day 4 Highlights

Thursday March 11, 2021

As we come to the the end of day four, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights as our students get ready for the final day of Industry Week 2021!

Emily Catherine

Emily made her return to IW21 to give our students an insight into life as a freelance artist and illustrator. Her expertise from having her work published worldwide in The Design Museum, London really helped capture the careers that our aspiring students can go onto.  

Emily kicked off the interactive Q&A off by exploring the important aspects of starting a business, from logos, brand names, insurance polices to pricing. Our students got to hear first hand how her career succeeded from following these principles. Emily told students to ensure they maintain a high reputation, explaining: “identity will set you apart from the industry – you are your brand”. 

Students were able to ask the questions throughout that were relevant to them, and get feedback and real-life advice on how to get into the creative industry and how to make your mark.  

Media - Emily Catherine - LIVE

Phil Thornalley

From producing one of The Cure’s seminal albums ‘Pornography’, to playing on a world tour with the band and writing Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ – Phil Thornalley has done it all and is a legend of the music industry!

“As a producer I try to fill the speakers with sound and not be afraid”


He used his vast experience to give some great tips to our students.

“The way to get over any blocks is just to keep going. There are times when it’s healthy to walk away, but getting inspiration from your partners and the world around you also helps.”

Music - Phil Thornalley - LIVE

Warlord Games

Two of the key games designers from Warlord Games joined us to share their extensive knowledge of the games industry with our students. They talked about how the gaming industry has changed since before the internet to the current day, and the processes you go through in the modern day to design and create a game before it’s ready for players to buy. They also talked about communication being key with everyone you’re working with including clients and artists artists.

As well as sharing their invaluable knowledge from working within the games industry, they shared the fun projects they’ve been able to get involved with because of it. One of the most exciting stories our students heard was Alessio jumping at the chance to be an extra in Lord of The Rings: Return of the King while doing research for elements such as costumes.

Their insights into the games industry and the ways in which it’s changed throughout the years gave our students a lot of useful information to take forward with them in their studies.

Taylor Markstrom

Taylor – a broadcaster, content creator, competitive gamer and charity activist – works as a streamer at Markstrom TV.

During his talk, Markstrom spoke to students (while seated on a DX Racer gaming chair, no less) about the growth in channel and viewing numbers on streaming platforms – particularly in 2020/21 – why platforms like Twitch have been able to maintain their position at the top, and what it is that drew him to content creation and livestreaming during his career.

Tana Douglas

Tana Douglas has been dubbed as ‘the first female roadie’ but her story is one of passion, talent and much adventure. Even before she had turned 18 Tana was already living in a house and touring with AC/DC – managing all their backlines and equipment. Since then she has worked and toured with bands, such as Neil Diamond, The Who, Suzi Quatro, Iggy Pop and Elton John to name just a few.

“The good thing for students who are studying at the moment is that a lot of the veterans of the touring industry are deciding to step out due to COVID, so there will be so much opportunity!”

“Diversify your skills as it’s likely that tours will look to double up roles to limit the amount of people going on the road – but it’s a very exciting time for students and the industry, so be positive about it.”

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