Industry Week 2019 – Day 4

Thursday March 7, 2019

We’ve reached the penultimate day of Industry Week today, and we’ve enjoyed many a good talk and inspiring demo throughout the day. Have a look at a few of the events we’ve enjoyed watching today and what the highlights have been…

Do It For Real panels from both former music and media students joined us today, giving some great insight on how they’ve got to where they are in their careers since leaving Confetti. The alumni’s glowing reviews of Confetti and how much their time here has helped them get ahead in their industries has been music to our current students’ ears!

Ceri Wade of Arcadia – the company responsible for the amazing giant spider at Glastonbury – did an inspiring talk for students and spoke of Arcadia’s plans to create a more immersive experience rather than a traditional stage. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Henry Normal – comedian, writer and poet (amongst other things) – gave students an insight into working within the arts and how to write that perfect story. It’s safe to say he had the entire audience in stitches throughout his talk, as he spoke about his experiences of working on some huge shows like Gavin and Stacey, Alan Partride: Alpha Papa, The Parole Officer, SOS: Save Our Skins and Packet of Three!

The Oliver Twins provided students with some great advice on working in games development. They spoke about digital distribution, smart devices and the power of persistence in the industry.

Artist manager Phil Sales joined us today to talk about his experiences in the music industry. A huge name on the music, Phil has managed Calvin Harris and DJ Sasha!

We’ve also enjoyed Rainbow Jam: GameJam for charity – a fantastic event which raised hundreds of pounds for Rainbows Hospice, demo from lead artist at Splash Damage Erol Kentli, a talk from lighting engineer Jermaine Edwards, a great presentation by animation director Chris Seed, a talk about documentary photography by the wonderful Aria Shahrokhshahi, acting and production workshops with Abigail Longstaffe and David Raper of, a talk from Chris Cook and a gaming tournament.

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