An amazing day at the Hockley Hustle

Friday October 14, 2016

Hockley Hustle 2016

The Hockley Hustle returned to Nottingham on Sunday 9 October when thousands of music enthusiasts danced the night away across 25 venues and the surrounding streets…and there was even a fantastic silent disco!

Many students from Confetti were involved with the festival – filming, performing or stage managing – so we’ve spoken to some of the students who were there about their experience.

The Confetti Competition Winner – Guy Ellerton

Earlier in the year we ran a competition at the National Videogame Arcade where our students performed for the chance to open the downstairs stage at Confetti’s GameCity stage. The crowned winner, Music Performance & Songwriting student Guy Ellerton performed on Sunday to a great opening crowd, including the NTU Music Society. He said:

“In all it was a great experience with a fair few attending my opening set which made it a very enjoyable gig. I received a lot of positive feedback afterwards and it made the whole experience a good learning curve I won’t forget anytime soon.”

Guy Ellerton
Pictured: Guy Ellerton

Beetone & Friends

Beetone & Friends
Pictured: Beetone & Friends

Guy was just one of many students, current and former, who performed on Confetti’s stages at GameCity. Beetone – a student last year who studied Audio & Music Technology – supported the headliner on the upstairs stage and performed in front of an amazing crowd.

Speaking to him after the festival, he told us that it was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in and praised the crowd – which gave him ‘nothing but good vibes’ throughout the performance.

Student Volunteers

Confetti at Hockley Hustle


42 Students volunteered

13 General volunteers

16 Film crew

8 FdSc Live and Technical Events students

5 Level 3 Technical Events students

Over 700 work experience hours

The Hustle wouldn’t have been the same without all the hard work from the volunteers, who made sure the event ran as smoothly as possible! Festival Director Tommy Farmyard couldn’t be more pleased about how the event turned out.

“The festival was a great success, Hockley was transformed into a vibrant carnival of music and art. The students were outstanding, a credit to themselves and Confetti and ensured the day ran smoothly. Cheers guys!”

Our students helped out through a range of jobs, applying the skills they’ve learned from their courses in a professional environment. From sound technicians to camera operators, our students did it all!

Level 3 Technical Events student Jodie Jarecki was made a stage manager for Jam Café and really enjoyed the experience, as well as being part of the event.

“The festival gave me the chance to meet lots of new people who’d been working on it for years and it was interesting to learn about everyone’s roles. When I arrived at Jam Café I was able to help out on a number of things, including the responsibilities of stage manager. Working with the staff allowed me to learn new skills as they gave me a variety of tasks to do – them being super friendly was an added bonus!”

Confetti Creates the Promo Video

One of our students also took on the role as producer and editor of the Hockley Hustle 2016 promo film which can be found below. After a lot of planning with Tommy, Ryan Peck believes he captured the best moments of the festival.

“I was acting director of The Hockley Hustle promo video with 15 Confetti students – which was a challenge but I enjoyed it! We toured the various venues capturing the best moments throughout the day. From up and coming artists to even the big names like Liam Bailey, Joel Baker and Harleighblu – we did our best to capture all the best performances. The event was a great success and I believe everyone enjoyed their experience working on the production. I hope everyone learned something new from this experience.”

Confetti at Hockley Hustle
A student part of the film crew

The festival was a huge success, both for the fans and for our students who’ve done exceptionally well and have left a lasting impression on the organisers.

If you are interested in opportunities like this, check out our FE and HE courses and book an open day with us now!