Hockley Hustle: Confetti Hosts GameCity

Friday October 7, 2016

Hockley Hustle

The wait is almost over. Only a couple of sleepless nights left before the Hockley Hustle takes over 25 venues in and around Hockley, showcasing the best muiscal talent Notts has to offer.

From 2pm we’ll be hosting the GameCity stages at the National Videogame Arcade, featuring current and former students mixed in with other amazing talent from Notts. Let’s have a look at the line ups…


21:00 Garton

20:00 Beetone & Friends

19:00 Alice Short

18:00 Scarlett Ridge

17:00 Steve McGill

16:00 Emily Martin

15:00 Jonny Olley

14:00 Confetti Competition Winner


22:30 Cecille Grey

21:30 Holly Taylor-Gamble

20:30 The Chase

19:30 The Golden Troubadours

18:30 Ed James

17:30 Last Sons

16:30 Ashmore & Motormouf

15:30 Sonder

Meet a few of the acts…

Jamie Garton
Pictured: Jamie Garton


Former Confetti student Jamie Garton has steadily built up his rap career through a strong work ethic inspired by Muhammad Ali, helping him to improve his sound every day. His SBTV video ‘Comments Corner‘ went viral and since then he’s been heavily working on a project for the future, check out his interview with us last month. We can’t wait to see him headline the upstairs stage at 9pm.

Confetti Competition Winner – Guy Ellerton

Kicking off the upstairs stage at 2pm is Confetti level 3 Music student Guy Ellerton who’s won the chance to perform to the early arrivers. This is a great chance to support you fellow peers and a great way to see the opportunities we provide here at Confetti – next year it could be you.

Cecille Grey Hockle Hustle 2015
Pictured: Cecille Grey at Hockley Hustle 2015

Cecille Grey

Cecille Grey have created their unique brand of delicately crafted alternative pop and performed at the Hustle in 2015. They’re influenced by acts from all over the world, focusing on folk and indie to provide you with a stunningly beautiful sound. Listen to the vocal acrobatics at 10.30pm as they headline the downstairs stage.

The Golden Troubadours

Enjoy the sound of dreamlike acoustics as The Golden Troubadours provide you with a mix of flamenco, folk, soul and blues. The Golden Troubadours are a wonderfully balanced group of musicians that blend all their skills into a silky, smooth sound, telling stories of love, hate, rejection and hope. Find them downstairs at 7.30pm.

Holly Taylor-Gamble

Prepare to lose yourself as you listen to Holly who performs a bunch of amazing covers, putting her own alternative twist on them. Don’t be fooled by her small and fragile frame behind the guitar, because her voice is a powerful tool not to be messed with, just appreciate what she has to offer at 9.30pm downstairs.


Sondor kicks off the downstairs stage at 3.30pm and brings her beautiful vocals to GameCity, mixing haunting sounds to atmospheric tunes. Off the back of her amazing debut in this year’s Future Sound of Nottingham, current student Lizzie Farnell promises to give you goosebumps from start to finish.

Beetone & Friends

Confetti student Beetone brings his friends to the upstairs stage at 8pm. Known for his rap with his track ‘Devils Game‘, he will look to get the crowd hooked on his flow of lyrics, beats and sounds. He’s recently said that he’s looking to showcase different styles so prepare for the unexpected.

We hope to see you all Sunday – the music promises to be amazing! Gook luck to all students who are working or performing at the festival. If being involved in next year’s Hockley Hustle interests you then check out our FE and HE courses now.