The First Confetti Live!

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Babe Punch
Babe Punch, The Bodega, Nottingham, 1st February 2017 - photographed by Steve Fisher

Last Wednesday Confetti took over The Bodega to host the very first Confetti Live. Alternative rock band Babe Punch headlined the event with support from our FE & HE Music Performance students Matt Hine, Beth Jowett & Holly Taylor-Gamble.

Over 150 people were there to enjoy the great local talent on offer, but the night couldn’t work without our Live & Technical Events students working as sound and lighting engineers, and our Film & TV students who recorded the event. The students used what they’d learnt in lessons to help create some amazing footage which the bands will use for their own promotion. Abby Kelly, a FdSc Live & Technical Events student was Lighting Engineer and took the chance to create the lighting design, as well as cue all of the lighting changes during the performances.

(Check out Abby’s time-lapse of the lighting setup for Holly Taylor-Gamble)

“Confetti Live was such an amazing experience as it gave me the opportunity to get real world industry experience, enhancing my studies and career for the future.”

Chris Hine
Confetti Live at The Bodega
Beth Jowett Confetti Live
Beth Jowett photographed by Steve Fisher

“It was a night full of great musicians, absolutely owning the Bodega stage!”

The event was a chance for our FE & HE Music Performance students to play a live gig, applying what they’ve gained from studying at Confetti to their sets at Confetti Live. Chris Hine and Beth Jowett were the first two acts and both showed off their musical talent with a fantastic mix of vocals and guitar – it was a great start to the night which set the benchmark.

Holly Taylor-Gamble
Holly Taylor-Gamble photographed by Steve Fisher
Holly Taylor-Gamble
Holly Taylor-Gamble photographed by Steve Fisher

Holly Taylor-Gamble had a very busy 2016 which included performing at Hockley Hustle, and she wowed the crowd with her unique ambient Folk Pop sound. She herself loved the event and enjoyed the experience adding: “it was a full night of great musicians, absolutely owning the Bodega stage!” It was the perfect set up for Babe Punch and it shouldn’t be too long before we see Holly’s name at bigger events.

Babe Punch at Confetti Live
Babe Punch photographed by Steve Fisher

Babe Punch brought with them an energetic live performance to match the snarling sound they’re known for. People heard tracks from their latest EP Contour, and as the set gained momentum, so did the crowd’ s energy – a human barrier was made by staff midway to protect the lighting console and kit! Their blend of alt-rock and punk resulted in a show well worth the wait, and you can see why they’ve already played at Y NotDot to Dot (at the iconic Rock City) and Splendour festivals.

“It was an amazing night and it was so good to see so many people down. The students made it just like being at any normal gig in the way that it all ran smoothly, sounded great and had great promotion. The students were even better than some of the professionals we’ve worked with!.”

FE Music Tech tutor Dan Tissier was pleased with the event, and even more impressed with the students involved. “Throughout the gig the students did a really professional job with the sound and lights. I have had several complimentary comments made to me about the quality of the show and performances from people who do this for a living.”

A great night for everyone involved, bring on the next Confetti Live!