Holly Taylor-Gamble – Do It For Real

Friday January 27, 2017

We sat down for an interview with Holly Taylor-Gamble – a current Confetti student who has had a very busy 2016 – performing at the Hockley Hustle and as part of students projects at the CSFF Awards amongst many other exciting gigs. Holly currently studies on our FdA Music Performance degree having previously graduated from our BTEC Level 3 Music Performance & Songwriting course.

“Here at Confetti you’re surrounded by people that are experts at what they’re teaching you. These people know The Stone Roses, they have connections and they have platinum records, so I suppose when advice comes from them it’s much more motivational”

How did you get started in music?

I’ve always sang. Not necessarily played an instrument, but always sang – there’s pictures of me at Christmas doing karaoke in my living room when I was about 3. I’ve also done a lot of musical arts at school and I’ve always enjoyed performing – but I always wanted to learn how to play an instrument.

Did a few gigs – spotted about, but it was actually Confetti and starting the Music Performance Level 3 course that inspired me to take myself seriously, because I hadn’t taken myself seriously before.

So, why did you choose Confetti?

After I finished my A-levels I was looking for a course that I would enjoy – do something that I love and get something out of it. Me and my dad came to an open day at Confetti – didn’t realise that a Music Performance course existed and once they told me about it I applied instantly – so it just kind of happened, but it was brilliant. And then they introduced the uni Music Performance course after I completed that, so then I continued with Confetti.

Looking back how do you feel about the decision?

I don’t regret it at all! Confetti did so much for me musically, not just through what I learned, but also the people I’ve met – everyone here is very, very good at keeping you motivated.

So your band – how did you go about finding them?

Through the music performance course – Tyler plays drums, Greg is on guitar and Luke on bass. It’s a really new thing – we played our first gig as a band just before Christmas and our next gig is at the Bodega for Confetti Live. We actually found eachother through Confetti – Tyler is on the Music Technology course, Greg is with me on the Music Performance course and Luke was with us on the Level 3 Music Performance college course.

You had a very busy 2016 – tell us about the Hockley Hustle a bit.

That was such a mad day – I was already doing a band gig at the National Videogame Arcade and literally between gigs I got a phone call from (Hockley Hustle organiser) Tommy Farmyard  and Dean Jackson asking me to go perform on the BBC Introducing Stage. I didn’t have a drum kit, didn’t have anything. Tyler’s dad had to rush from wherever he was and bring the kit and it was all a big mess, but it was amazing. A definite good mess, great mess even! So mental – such a good day!

How did you manage to make connections in Notts?

A lot of it was Confetti – I met Tommy Farmyard through Confetti. I had heard about Tommy, because he obviously is a major influence in Notts music, but he came to judge a Confetti event with Rastarella from Kemet FM and he still contacts me every now and then to see how my music is going.

What about the videos that you had produced in collaboration with our Level 3 students at the CSFF awards?

I helped them with two videos – both for covers – one David Bowie and the other Jeff Buckley. I got  a couple of people from a Music Technology course to help with the recording, so it was very quick and quite simple – literally just vocals and guitar – so they’re not the best representation of me. We had them done very differently. The David Bowie one we just shot with a white background and loads of different looks because the director Emma wanted to do a David Bowie tribute, which was alright because he is obviously cool so that was fine by me. And then there was the Jeff Buckley one which was done by Joe Cass and his team – in a room with lights and spotlights and a lot of darkness and a lot of video shots.

What advice do you have for people that are considering a place at Confetti?

Go for it! If music is the thing you want to do – do it! You can never have too much information and if you’re going to study something that you love you’ll never grow tired of it. You’ll want to do your assessments because it’s something that you’re interested in. Also, here at Confetti you’re surrounded by people that are experts at what they’re teaching you. These people know The Stone Roses, they have connections and they have platinum records, so I suppose when advice comes from them it’s much more motivational.

If you want to find out more about Holly and what her plans are in 2017 – read our full interview in the Spring edition of the Wire – coming out April 2017!

For updates on new releases and gigs – make sure you like Holly on Facebook and go support her at the Confetti Live gig at The Bodega on Wednesday 1 February.

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