WIRE preview: Catching up with The Coronas before Splendour

Wednesday July 17, 2019

We caught up with Irish rock band The Coronas before their performance at Splendour, where they gave some great advice about succeeding in the industry, building a fan base and even the effect social media presence has on a band’s foothold in the industry.

This four-piece rock band originate from Dublin, Ireland, where they have had great success releasing five albums, with the more recent three being released through their own label 3ú Records. Have a first look at their interview below…

What was one thing that took you by surprise about the music industry?

Probably the fact that there are so many amazingly talented bands and musicians out there who don’t make it. It’s a tough industry and you need luck among other things to be successful.

We have a lot of students who are just starting to get gigs, what advice would you give them to get as many bookings as possible?

Be well rehearsed, get used to setting up and striking down your equipment, be nice and respectful to local crew/venue staff/other performers, play charity nights and play for free while honing your skills.

What’s the best way for a performer to develop a fan base?

Gig as much as possible – get your live set tight and impressive, write your own music and when you feel it’s ready, release some stuff online.


Read the rest of the interview in the next issue of Wire magazine.

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