Confetti students team up with ADAM Audio to launch new A series

Friday June 10, 2022

On Tuesday 7 June, ADAM Audio set up base camp in our Metronome campus to launch the brand new A Series studio reference monitors. Working alongside Confetti students, the ADAM team made the most of our industry-standard recording studios, demonstrating their impressive new monitors to industry professionals and the public for the first time.

Who are ADAM Audio?


Based in Germany, ADAM Audio manufacture a collection of highly accurate reference products for music production and mixing, including monitors, headphones, and accessories. Known around the globe for their popular AX series, the company are now pushing boundaries once again with the brand new A Series, which aims to take everything fans loved about the AX series and improve on it, pushing the boundaries of what people can expect from their studio monitors.


Despite operating as an independent company, you may be interested to know that ADAM Audio are a part of Focusrite Group. Well known as one of the industry’s best manufacturers of high quality (yet accessible) preamps and audio interfaces, Focusrite are a household name in recording studios on an international level and are best associated with low noise, reliable, and innovative recording products for producers, musicians, and engineers. You’ll instantly recognise any Focusrite product by the iconic crimson red paint used across the majority of their devices, including the Scarlett, Clarett+, and Red Net series.

Collaborating with Confetti


As one of the UK’s best educators of music technology and music performance, our partnership with ADAM Audio and Focusrite is one that just makes sense. We’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside both companies for several years, creating unique opportunities for our students in the process. These opportunities include work experience, scholarships, advice from industry experts and more.


At the A Series UK launch, our Audio and Music Technology students and Film Production Technology students were recruited directly by ADAM Audio to assist with setting up equipment, demonstrating the new monitors and documenting the event. For our students looking forward to a career in professional audio technology, the event offered up vital experience working alongside professionals with heaps of industry knowledge. As well as being open to the public, several professional producers were also invited to the launch to get a first look at the new products. Being able to interact with talented professionals who are already out in the world ‘Doing it for real’ is something we’d consider invaluable for our student’s progression.


Studying at Confetti

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