Confetti Live – An interview with Babe Punch

Tuesday January 31, 2017

babe punch
Babe Punch, The bodega, Nottingham, 15th October 2016 Credit: Steve Fisher

Babe Punch are headlining Confetti Live on Wednesday 1 February alongside FdA Music Performance students Holly Taylor-Gamble (who we interviewed last week), Beth Jowett and Chris Hine. The newly emerging 5-piece alternative rock band from Derby/Nottingham have had a very busy 2015/16 – they’ve played gigs relentlessly across the Midlands supporting the likes of Hinds, Menace Beach and Allusondrugs, as well as the Y Not, Dot to Dot (at the iconic Rock City) and Splendour festivals. Check out what they had to say after getting some practice in at the studio before they perform at The Bodega Wednesday.

“Never pass the chance to gig because it’s the best way for people to see and discover you. The more people see you, the more opportunities come your way.”

Are you excited for Confetti Live on Wednesday?

Definitely, it’s going to be really good – there’s loads of people coming and it’s always a good thing when a gig’s free. We can’t wait!

How did you guys meet?

So me (Abbie), Carys and Molly all met at school, I then met Miles when he came to one of our gigs, and we knew Adam already through another band – we’ve got on great ever since.

Have any of you studied music at school or college?

Everyone apart from Adam has studied or is studying music – me (Molly) and Carys studied music at GCSE and Abby did a music BTEC. Me, Carys and Abby also studied music tech at college and Miles has started AS music tech.

Studying has helped us during our recording sessions because we’re able to have more of an input to get our music to sound how we want it – now we know what’s going on unlike with our first release where we had no clue about post production.

Abbie’s BTEC helped us understand the business side of it more and what we need to do to progress, and in some places studying music has helped us discover new artists giving us a wider range of influences.

How was performing at Splendour Festival?

It was amazing, really good – we were actually a last-minute addition and it was such a nice day which we’ll never forget. We usually go every year anyway so to perform was a bit surreal.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Nottingham?

Yeah it’s great at the moment – there are some great local bands from Derby and Nottingham; Cameron Sinclair Harris, Pet Crow, Unqualified Nurse Band, the Varletts, Cherry Hex – the list is endless and it shows you how good the local talent is. For us it’s just a really exciting music scene to be a part of because there’s a great deal going on and we can see a lot of good people doing well.

Do you enjoy playing in Nottingham?

Yes! We’re lucky to have so many cool venues which differ so much. We love playing at The Bodega of course, but also more intimate DIY venues such as JT Sour and The Lofthouse – these are definitely our favourites. Nottingham also provides tons of opportunities because a lot of people are looking to support you at every venue – from other bands to fans, it’s just great!

What’s the best bit of advice you can give to up-and-coming artists?

Never pass the chance to gig because it’s the best way for people to see and discover you. The more people see you the more opportunities come your way so just gig as much as possible. For us, we prefer to gig over recording any day!

What’s your favourite gig you’ve played?

It has to be our EP launch on 15 October at The Bodega. It was a packed night and not only did all of our friends come, but a lot of people who we hadn’t seen before turned up which surprised/shocked us, but it was lovely. Even after we performed, everyone joined us backstage which was really fun and it felt like a proper good gig.

Also any JP Sour gig because we love playing there and Splendour, but the EP launch was definitely the highlight.

Have a listen to their EP ‘Control’ on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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