Confetti at Splendour Festival 2019

Wednesday July 24, 2019

This weekend saw another successful Splendour Festival here in Nottingham. Confetti were once again proud to sponsor this fantastic event – as well as having a huge student presence throughout the festival. Let’s take a look at the highlights from the day and some of the great things our students got up to…

Student opportunities

Each year, our students provide help at the Confetti stage and across the festival, crewing, photographing and filming – amongst other things! This year was no exception, with a grand total of 50 students coming to work for the day, 106 across the whole event, accruing 900 hours of work between them all – an incredible amount of work experience.

Despite the rainy start to the day – and torrential downpours around lunchtime – our students powered through and delivered some amazing work behinds the scenes to keep the Confetti and Courtyard stage events running smoothly. Not only this, but they captured some great footage and photos throughout the day – and, we hope, had a really great time doing so!

Here are some photos that were taken of students at work on the day – the Confetti purple t-shirts certainly made their way around the event.

Media Curriculum Lead at Confetti, Jamie Cash, spoke highly of the TV and Film students’ work at the festival:


โ€œTV and Film students did a fantastic job again this year at Splendour filming across the Confetti Stage and the Courtyard Stage as well as shooting GVs, vox pops, and artist interviews. For some it was their first time working at an event of this kind, but they performed liked seasoned professionals. We also took three FE students this year who were undertaking photography duties as well as an Instagram takeover and they, along with all the students, worked tirelessly throughout the day. A rich and rewarding experience for all involved.โ€

Student performers

Some of our talented Music Performance students had the opportunity of performing on the day, which was an amazing experience. What better way to ‘do it for real’ than getting up on stage at a festival and wowing a huge crowd? With a record-breaking 25,000 tickets sold for the event, there were a lot of people who will have caught these acts – which could mean huge things for their futures in the music industry.

Confetti and NTU acts performing on the day included BRIA, Camille Christel, Ava Saint, Velvet Blush and more.

Check out the photos from their performances below…

Fun on social

Our students took over the Confetti Instagram for the day – watch their highlights here.

Splendour Festival was immensely popular on social media, and it was great to see some of Nottingham’s favourites posting about the day on Instagram.

Confetti ambassador, actor Vicky McClure, was one of the many people to post on the day, along with our good friends Notts TV who caught up with pop star Louisa and director Shane Meadows who was in the crowd. We also loved hearing from our students including BRIA!

Have a look at their posts below:

All in all, this has been yet another successful year at Splendour for Confetti – and we want to say a big well done to all involved!

We are looking forward to next year’s event already, and are excited for the opportunities our students will be able to get involved in.

Want to be involved with Splendour next year? Check out our range ofย  music performance courses at both college and degree-level. Like what you see? Book your place on an upcoming open day.