Confetti Album artist interview series – Kunle Babinson

Tuesday June 30, 2020

A group of Confetti degree students have recently produced and launched the fantastic Confetti Album 2020.

We spoke to Kunle Babinson – one of the artists featured on the album – about the story behind his track, and how he found the experience as a whole…


What’s your name and what course do you study at Confetti?

My name is Kunle B and I study Music Performance.

What made you choose Confetti to study music?
My passion for music and drive to succeed made me want to study the course. The course has really helped me develop myself as an artist and has helped me understand my artistry more.  I’ve watched mainstream musicians my age doing music and I wanted to channel my love for singing into something.

Who inspired you to make your own music? 
A Canadian artist called Saywecanfly.

How would you define your sound as an artist – by genre or anything else?
I would say my sound is very versatile and tend to put melodies on a strong beat. I mainly do R&B but allude to R&B Pop and Neo Soul.

What’s the story – and meaning – behind your track chosen for the Confetti Album 2020? 
The song I chose for the album is called ‘Song for You’. I guess it’s almost unreal when you have someone who cares about you unconditionally. Someone who sees past your flaws but helps you become a better you. Someone who strengthens you mentally and spiritually, even by them just being in front of you physically and someone who selflessly chooses to put you first. Song for You appreciates that person who fulfils these qualities.

If you could choose one place to perform this track where would it be and why? 
I would perform this song at the Royal Albert Hall due to the intimacy on the song and a lot of soulful singers have performed here and it would be amazing to follow after them, whilst inspiring others who want to perform, to keep pushing on!

If you could be the support for any artist in the world on their tour, who would you choose?
I would support Khalid on tour without a doubt! He’s so cool and his vocals are very distinctive.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from the recording process on this track?
One thing I learned from recording the track was that I can do it. When I soloed my vocals with the lead vocal and harmony, I sat back and thought ‘Woah, it actually sounds good’. For much of my life, I’ve been put down by peers who all said ‘Kunle you can’t sing, stop singing’ and that had really knocked my confidence, so even today when people compliment me on my singing, I question the genuineness behind the statement because I heard otherwise for years! I’m slowly learning to believe in myself.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps? 
Perseverance is key. Self-belief is key. Which actually links into this question – my advice would be keep putting yourself out there, keep showcasing your talent and perfecting it as you go. Master it and keep getting better. You can do it! 

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