Technical Events student Ethan McKenna’s story

Ethan’s love for gigs and live events resulted in him changing his career path and says it’s the best decision he’s made – he’s worked on 17 events already this year. Find out how Ethan has made it at Confetti this year.

technical events student

My reason for choosing Confetti:

I actually finished my A Levels, and had a place to study History at university, but I decided that wasn’t what I wanted. My real love for gigs and live events got me thinking about how I could move into the field, and after a bit of research I discovered the course at Confetti – I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve made.

My favourite experience last year:

The amount of events we got to work on through the course – at my last count, it was a grand total of 17. It was great to work in a real-life scenario at events like Splendour Festival, but with the support of tutors; what better way is there to learn your trade?

My support from Confetti:

The support was amazing. Even when things get tough, the tutors never change the goal posts; they simply show you how to adapt your skills to make a new technique or approach work for a job. It’s a valuable lesson that I’ll use throughout my life.

My favourite part of the course and campus:

We got to use Performance 2 in Metronome, which was fantastic as lessons felt like you were working on a real-life project. The set-up is exactly what it would be at many events. In fact, when I started looking at degree courses for after I finish, I found that most places don’t have the amazing technology that our Level 3 BTEC has had – Confetti really do have the edge in this respect.

My story next year:

I’ve decided to stay at Confetti and do the Live and Technical Events degree. Originally, I wanted to move away from Nottingham as I’ve lived here all my life – but I literally couldn’t justify picking another course when I know this one will be better and have the best facilities! It’s a no-brainer.

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