Games Technology student Adam Heaton’s story

Adam has done some wonderful things on the Games Technology course, from games testing to developing his skills on Unreal Engine – this year has been amazing. Find out how Adam has made it at Confetti this year.

games technology student

My reason for choosing Confetti:

I’ve always been interested in media and games, so after a bit of research I settled on Confetti. The facilities and what you learn on the course seemed to be the best out there.

My favourite experience last year:

The extra opportunities I’ve been able to work on have been incredible – I got to test the game Crowdfunder, which was great, plus a couple of games for Nottingham companies that I can’t disclose information on yet… but they’re big!

My support from Confetti:

It’s been amazing during my time here. If you’re ever struggling with an assignment – and I definitely have struggled with a couple – the tutors will step in and help you as much as you need. My course mates have been fantastic too, we form a big working group really and support each other with the bits we each find tricky.

My favourite programme on the course:

Unreal Engine, without a doubt. To have a programme that gives you a blank landscape to create the look you want, design your characters appearances and even their movements – it’s been fantastic. I love the attention to detail in games, and Unreal allows you to address that down to the tiniest element. The computers we have here are great too, I’ve never once had any issues using them.

My story next year:

I’d love to work on a big games like Call of Duty in the future – to be able to be involved in making games like that which I love playing would be a dream come true.

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