FdSc TV Production graduate Alex Williams scoops a job at ITV

Thursday August 16, 2018

Our Degree Showcase 2018 ‘Do It For Real’ award-winner Alex, certainly knows about the value of work experience. Over 200 hours of volunteer experience, including production roles at Notts TV, have set Alex apart from the rest, and helped him land a prestigious job at ITV.

We caught up with Alex to find out about his journey so far.

What influenced your decision to choose Confetti and the course?

My main influence to come to Confetti was the sheer practical involvement that I would experience. Confetti prides itself on a Doing It for Real style of learning. I was so keen to grasp as many different experiences, training and opportunities I could gain at Confetti and the TV production course. So there was no question in the decision to choose Confetti above all other courses!

What is your best memory from studying here?

Throughout my time at Confetti I have had plenty of amazing memories with fellow students, tutors and clients within a short time-span! An example would be our year-one group project to create a live one-hour TV broadcast. The planning and development through the year was good fun, as we all were working towards the same goal of achieving a great piece of television. All of us specialised in a role and together would perform as if we were a professional TV crew. Happily, through blood, sweat and tears (figure of speech, don’t worry!) we achieved our successful programme. The end result was awesome and great to be part of. The best part though was that it was counting towards our grade for the module, so all the hard work paid off in the end.

What have you gone on to do since graduating?

I was sure in thinking I would take [a] third-year full degree, but I thought it was still good to search the job market. After my time at Confetti, bagging myself a plethora of different experiences and training, combined with my 200+ hours of volunteer work in the industry, I thought I was in good stead for finding a job in this amazing industry. My work had paid off – after getting through the application process and two interviews I have now landed myself a job at ITV West Country! When I received the phone call I couldn’t be happier. At ITV I’m called a Production Specialist – which does kinda sound badass! I have Confetti, and my experience in getting out into the industry, to thank.

Did you work on anything during your studies that will help you in your new role?

I tried to grasp as many opportunities as I could during studying, sometimes dipping into my own pocket for costs like petrol money. Throughout my time I tried to volunteer as much as possible at the professional TV broadcaster in Nottingham: Notts TV. At Notts TV I learnt a huge variety of skills within a TV studio setting. I would be trained up on key roles in creating television within the studio – I sometimes would be out shooting an interview with members of the public, (with them all asking if they would be on TV!) or I could be live-cutting a theatre showcase, where loads of folks are gazing at the screens you are showing them. I acquired many unique experiences and vastly improved my confidence and self-ability. I also found friends and crew for life, and without my experiences at Notts TV and the like, I would not have acquired my new job at ITV.

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