Akshay Soni – BSc Games Production

Sunday January 1, 2017

Winner – Games Student of the Year

About Akshay

I enrolled at Confetti in 2011 and have been here for the last six years – starting with a BTEC Level 2 Games course and graduating this year with a BSc Games Production (top up) degree. My time at Confetti has been a positive and rewarding experience. I have enhanced my skills and knowledge and have grown as an individual.

Confetti, for me, has been a unique experience allowing me to develop and not just in a purely academic way. Everyone that I’ve come into contact with at Confetti has enriched and assisted my development. These individuals have helped me to realise my potential. With my newly found confidence, I became more driven and determined to be the best that I can be.

Dedication allowed me to complete the BSc (Hons) in Games Production. It was truly worth all the hard work and I’m proud to have achieved a First Class honours degree.

Throughout the years, I’ve had the privilege to be part of Confetti and I’ve witnessed the growth of the Institute, and have seen its popularity soar. I will always be honoured to be part of the Confetti experience and I hope to return next year in order to complete my Masters degree to continue my journey.

Akshay’s Degree Showcase Work

 St Giles’ Church 

In my top ups year, I was tasked with modelling a 3D environment. I chose St Giles’ church as I felt it would extend my skillset.

When modelling a 3D environment, various constraints had to be considered. This was in the form of accessibility, depth, time and structure. The 3D environment had to be easy to access, fit the time constraint but distinguish from what is in my ‘comfort zone’. This is where my skillset drastically improved.

St Giles Church was entirely modelled in 3DS Max using various tools, rollouts and max scripts. This environment featured over 100+ modular pieces and was textured using the Quixel Suite.

What Once Was – Episode One

Episode One was originally produced in my second year of the FdSc in Games Technology, and was part of a final assessment in computer game engines. The first episode (three-part series) was first showcased at the NTU/Confetti Degree Showcase 2016.

The development of Episode One involved examining different genres. Each genre was considered and then narrowed. The choice for me was clear – horror or action?

I enjoy reading and watching films in these genres. I also felt that these two genres were more conducive to providing an immersive experience. I felt that the horror genre was more narrative based, storytelling at its best! I felt that I would be able to produce interesting narratives for an episodic series. This is why I chose the horror genre.

What Once Was – Episode Two

The second episode was first showcased at the NTU/Confetti Degree Showcase 2017. This was made exclusively for the degree showcase and was not part of any modules over my final year in Games Production (BSc).

When developing Episode Two, I examined the limitations of ‘What Once Was – Episode One’ and realised that the narrative was basic and the level design lacked variation – detail and diversity was needed. I used my study time and holidays to enhance my skills and knowledge knowing there were gaps. I looked at different horror scenarios. I examined different perspectives on narratives and then applied it to my game. Audio is a key part and I investigated how the audio would fit or enhance the immersion.

The scheme for Episode Two was based upon providing an immersive experience with a continuing narrative. Episode Two began from where Episode One ended, continuing the narrative. Episode Two provides realistic environments, with a comprehensive sound and level design. The custom made cutscenes provides cinematic experiences that entice the player, and it combines two mediums to provide enhanced immersion.

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