10 Instagram Posts That Sum Up Life At Confetti

Thursday August 11, 2016

Thinking of studying at Confetti in September? Check out the top ten times Instagram summed up life at Confetti!

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1. Mondays aren’t that bad and Tuesdays are amazing

Insta Post 1

2. You get to hang round with local celebrities

Instagram Post 2

3. And some not so local ones

Instagram Post 3

4. Things can sometimes get a bit random

5. Ok … a lot random

6. By first year you’re the Avicii of Open Days … next year Fabric!

Instagram Post 7

7. But you’ve only made it when you’re in The Wire

8. You can’t wait to use the Neve … then you realise it’s over 10ft of pots and faders

Instagram Post 9a
Instagram Post 9

9. You are the definition of Squad Goals


10. If you work hard it pays off!

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