World Day For Cultural Diversity

Wednesday May 12, 2021

Representation of cultural diversity

The World Day for Cultural Diversity is taking place on Friday 21 May. Cultural diversity is about appreciating that society is made up of many different groups with different interests, skills, talents and needs.

It also means that you recognise that people in society can have differing religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations to you.

In support of World Day for Cultural Diversity we’re asking students to get creative and submit a piece of work in celebration of cultural diversity – music, film, games, graphics, animation.

Our favourite submission will win a £20 Amazon voucher, and will be shared in our student notices, social media and website. Please send your submissions by Friday 14 May to

To mark the occasion, keep an eye out on Friday 21 May for  a presentation on the screens in the student café, which will include information on various different organisations in Nottingham you can look into.

We will also be serving a variety of dishes from various different cultures in the student café the week of the event, so do check these out!