Tom Dale Company work with Confetti undergraduate students

Thursday September 2, 2021

Our degree-level students have been working alongside our partners at Tom Dale Company to help them produce innovative routines and performances.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Confetti was looking to build an ongoing relationship with Nottingham based dance company, Tom Dale Company; one of the UK’s leading contemporary dance companies.

The team at Tom Daley were looking to bring the art of dance into the digital and virtual space, utilising motion capture technology to add a new dimension to their choreography. Confetti seemed like a natural fit and we were soon approached with a request to access our high-spec motion capture suite, looking to not only produce a virtual routine, but also to engage our students on the session.

Once the session had been captured in the suite, Confetti BSc Hons) Games Production students utilised those assets and built their own projects from them as part of their studies.

As the pandemic continued to bring lockdowns and restrictions, Confetti and Tom Dale Company continued to work together to negotiate these challenging times, and plan further activities. In August this year, after extensive planning, the dance company were able to return to the motion capture suite for a second time through a commercial booking.

This capture was for use in a future VR installation of their wider digital exhibition. The session ran without a hitch, and as part of our ongoing relationship, we are now planning a collaboration with our degree-level VFX Production and Film Production students to produce a music video for an upcoming track.