Getting around our campus

Monday September 24, 2018

Studying at Confetti means you get to use the latest technology and equipment. So we’re always making sure we provide you with the best facilities, this means that sometimes you’ll have sessions outside of the Confetti campus.

To help you make it from place to place as quickly and as safely as possible we’ve created an interactive map to help you find your way. Click the top left hand corner of the map for directions.

Confetti’s campus has three main sites:

The main Confetti building on Convent Street/Parliament Street

Metronome – our music and events hub across the road on Huntingdon Street

Space 2 – our specialist TV and Film facility – a ten minute walk away on Carlton Road

If you would prefer a paper version you can pick one up from reception!

Road safety checklist

  • Plan your journey – make sure you know the way before you set off. Grab a map from Confetti reception, check out the interactive maps on our website, or just ask! We’ll always help
  • Make sure you have enough time – if you’re rushing you’re more likely make bad road safety decisions, and get lost because you’re in a panic
  • Got your phone? Keep your phone charged and with you, if you’re on route and get lost you can just give us a call on 0115 952 2075 and we’ll direct you from where you are – But please, at the risk of sounding like your mum, look where you are going!
  • Headphones in? Then make sure you can still hear the traffic
  • Take a mate – where you can, walk with a group of friends. Make plans to meet each other and have a walk together
  •  Wait for the green man – we’re sorry, but we had to say it!

Remember – we’re always around to help you out, so just ask someone!