Robert Bednarski – FdSc Games Technology

Sunday January 1, 2017

Confetti Degree Showcase

About Robert

I have now finished my second year on the FdSc Games Technology course. I started at Confetti on the BTEC Games Technology course four years ago and plan to do the BSc Games Production Technology top up degree next year. During my time at Confetti I’ve been able to develop my skills in many different areas of games design, as well as being able to grow as a person.

At first, the knowledge that there was a large step between the Level 3 Games course I was doing and the FdSc Games Technology course I was going to be doing was a daunting thought. However, that being said, the tutors on the course allowed for a quick and steady progression in my skills and knowledge, whether that be within Unreal Engine, modelling applications such as 3ds Max or Maya, or photo/texture applications such as Quixel and Photoshop. Whilst the workload and expectations did grow, it was at a more gradual pace that contained a steep but steady amount of learning. Whilst I enjoyed both years of this course so far, the more practical based modules this year are where I feel I was able to fully flesh out into doing the biggest project to date, which is The Whacky Wizard of England that I showcased at Space 2.

Robert’s Degree Showcase Work

The game is a third person magic game set in the Victorian era, and revolves around The Whacky Wizard of England coming home to save the town named after him, Whacky Town, from a mysterious group. The concept came to me one day when I was thinking of ideas in McDonald’s, so don’t worry if ideas don’t come straight away, because sometimes an idea comes in the most whackiest (sorry) of places!

After around 3 months of pre-production up to Christmas, and around 5 months of 3D modelling, assembling the level, and blueprinting in-engine, I managed to produce a game I felt honestly proud of, and could see all of the years of personal development at Confetti within this game, and I almost didn’t want to let go when I handed in my game on disc for submission.

As well as a game, I created a portfolio showcasing both the many new mechanics that I had learnt and implemented into The Whacky Wizard of England, as well as what I feel were my best 3D assets.

The experience of showcasing work to both industry guests and students who were interested in  starting the same degree was a great feeling. It gave me both insightful advice as a developer on ways to improve and how I should direct my skills in terms of looking toward certain job roles in the industry, but also allowed me to give that advice to others. And of course, there was no way I was going to be able to have a showcase without talking to Gin Rai about Metal Gear Solid!

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