Nottinghamshire Police carry out audio forensics training at Confetti

Wednesday September 25, 2019

Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies were proud to partner with Nottinghamshire Police to provide training on audio forensics. The training provided an insight into how the solving of crimes can be aided by the analysis of sound recordings acquired throughout investigations.


Confetti’s Ken Liston (MSc, AMIOA) – Course Leader for Audio & Music Technology degrees at Confetti – led the project thanks to his in-depth knowledge of and background in techniques in digital sound technology. 19 police staff from Nottingham’s force took part in the training which taught them the fundamentals of audio and most importantly; improving the clarity of the audio forensic examples provided, which will hopefully lead to further cases being solved in audio evidence. Ken explained:


“The audio forensics course was based on teaching the core theory behind the practices the Police are already using. An advanced knowledge of the fundamental principles can lead to a higher level and more informed application of the technologies involved in audio forensics. I enjoyed working with the Police, they were highly professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with.”


Many associate Confetti with music and audio production – yet the techniques used to master a record or album track can also be used for other purposes such as these. We pride ourselves as being at the forefront of developments in technology and it was a welcome challenge to work with Nottinghamshire Police on such an important project.”

Mark Davies who is one of the managers of the Digital Image Evidence Unit for Nottinghamshire Police explained how well received the training was by the force’s staff, and the relevance it bears to investigative work:


“Providing our people with quality training is at the core of delivering a quality product.  It enables us to stay abreast with the latest technological challenges we face. Confetti promised and delivered a very comprehensive bespoke audio forensic course based on solid scientific foundations.”


The initiative’s success was such that work has begun toward rolling out the training to police forces nationally; something we would be proud to be at the centre of and provide the facilities for.

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