Emilie Musson: My First Year At Confetti

Monday April 27, 2015

Confetti Student Emilie Musson

Emilie Musson talks about her first year studying a TV and Film course here at Confetti, including meeting the likes of TV presenter Stacey Dooley at our annual Industry Week in March.

I started my TV and Film course at Confetti back in September last year knowing very little about the TV and Film industry and knowing nobody on the course. But now, halfway through, I feel like I have learnt so much about what goes into making films and the media industry but also, I have made some friends for life.

So far I’ve learnt how to shoot/direct short films, create animated idents, record professional sound effects and so much more. In a way being at Confetti changed me as a person and brought me so close to my classmates. I now feel so inspired that working in the media industry is definitely what I would like to do as a career and many people in my class feel the same.

During Confetti’s Industry Week I felt so inspired and ambitious to learn from the people I watched during lectures. In particular, TV presenter Stacey Dooley was my favourite talk. She is so incredible and humble and such a lovely woman to talk to. I felt so empowered as a woman by what she was saying and I aspire to have a career like hers.

I have no regrets at all about enrolling on this course because it has changed my mind set about the media industry and my viewpoints on pop culture. Our tutors have taught us all so much and pushed us to do the best we can with our assignments. My class feels more like a family and we all try to help and support each other, and I’ll cherish the memories I have made.

You can hear more from Emilie in the next issue of Confetti student magazine The Wire. You can also follow her on Twitter.

** A special thanks to Confetti student, Luke Perry for the photograph of Emilie above, taken during a photography lesson. **