Meet our games team

Friday July 13, 2018

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Our tutors are active in the gaming industry and their work spans from, mixed reality simulations and published literature to advertisements, board games and video games. Get to know are Games team in more detail below!

Gin Rai – Founder and Creative Director at iCandi Media

A digital media technologist with a whole-hearted passion for the games and media industry. A mind that is driven logistically and strategically, fuelled by academia, experience and a broad range of professional grade skills including 3D modelling, sculpting, animation, compositing and the design and implementation of emerging technologies. Currently working towards a doctorate in digital media and education.

Games of choice: Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter

Michael White – Professional Illustrator published multiple times

A bipedal male primate of the family hominidae, educated in varying institutions for the development and production of representations of visual semiotics and illustrations, to a master level. Part time Taoist priest, full time hunter-gatherer and published author of graphic novels, comics and sequential art. Career lecturer and meat engine with a vested interest in the creation, experimentation and manipulation of technologies that enable communication in a wide range of 2D and 3D media, such as, video games, digital art and graphic design. Inconveniently fluent in one language and well-travelled, this human has managed to combine several outstanding qualities that in combination very effectively cancel each other out.

Games of choice: I am Bread, Mario Kart Battle, Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013

Paul Allen – Owner and Creator of a highly successful Kickstarter Game

Paul Allen is a board game designer and owner of Strangely Games, an indie games publisher based in Nottingham.  Paul has created games from an early age with opportunity and experience this has gone full circle and has arrived back at his original passion of designing tabletop games, with the success of Full Moon JacketTM on Kickstarter at the end of 2017.  Paul and Strangely Games are currently working on a video game exclusive/tabletop crossover which is scheduled to appear on crowd funding website in the near future.

Games of choice: Xcom, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 7, Overcooked

Kim Guest – Video Game Ethics and Digital Humanities Conference Speaker

Kim is an experienced lecturer focusing on research in Games and digital culture. Holds MA qualification in Humanities, she has spoken at numerous media communication and video game ethics conferences, exploring gender identity and fandom on live streaming platforms specifically Twitch TV. Currently working towards a Doctorate in Education focusing on ethnographic research in the creative industries curriculum. Avid Switch player and Mario Kart enthusiast.

Games of choice: Stardew Valley, Splatoon,

Adam Cain – BA and FdA Games Art Course Leader

Adam is a teacher and an artist. Educated to Masters level in Art and Education. He specialises in 2D traditional and digital drawing and painting. He is passionate about all creative arts including games art, illustration, graphic design, animation, film, fashion and fine art.

Games of Choice: Stargoose, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy 7, The Last of Us.

Jacob Watson – Contracted Video Game Designer and Programmer

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Introduction : MonoBehaviour {

string name = “Jacob”;
string[] job = { “Game Design Programme Leader”, “Contracted Games Artist”, “HE Module Leader” };
string[] quals = { “FdSc Games Technology”, “BSc Games Production (Hons 1st Class)”, “PGCE”};
string currentlyStudying = “PhD”;

void Start () {
Debug.Log(“Hello, My name is ” + Name);
for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
Debug.Log(“I’ve worked as a”);
Debug.Log(“I have a ” + quals[0] + ” a ” + quals[1] + ” and a ” +
Debug.Log(“I’m studying a ” + currentlyStudying);

Games of choice: MTGO, Total War, Halo