Mannequin Challenge

Thursday November 17, 2016

If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last month you’re bound to have come across the Mannequin Challenge and there have been some pretty good ones. But Live & Technical Events student Lewis Jones and tutor Rob Baldock have just won the Mannequin Challenge because they’ve featured in one created by Emeli Sandé and Trevor Nelson!

Tutor Rob Baldock has been working as an audio engineer on a project for Emeli and took FdSc Live & Technical Events student Lewis to assist him, when the video was recorded.

We caught up with Lewis who told us that his main role on the day was assisting with the live sound set up and generally being on hand to help things run smoothly. He also did a fair bit of set dressing and during the shoot assisted the camera man.

“It was an incredible day and I used the knowledge and skills that I have been learning at Confetti in a practical working situation. Being part of the Mannequin Challenge was great fun and a cool little insight into what goes on behind the scenes!”

The Mannequin Challenge sees a person or group of people frozen in time, while the camera weaves around the scene. The idea is everyone stays as still as possible so that they look like mannequins rather than real people.

If you’re a Confetti student and have featured in a creative industries based Mannequin Challenge send it over and we’ll include it in our blog posts.

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