#DoWhatIDo – Faolan Jones

Tuesday August 26, 2014

Faolan pic

Faolan Jones, 28, studied for an Fdsc in TV & Film at Confetti between 2008-2010 at and since then has gone on to achieve some pretty great things.

Working as a Senior Associate of Video Production at Teach For All (http://www.teachforall.org/) – a global charity dedicated to achieving education equality, Faolan tells us a little bit more about his progression from Confetti to his current role.

“I spent a few years freelancing for various clients – record labels, corporate companies and independent production companies,” he says. “Alongside this, I co-founded a production company with another Confetti student – Andre Nichols. Called JungleWireFilm, we created a couple of independent documentaries and lots of content for independent musicians. I also co-founded a community organisation called ReWireTv through which we created a feature film called The Chase featuring talented young actors from the St Ann’s Community.”

It was whilst working on The Chase that Faolan was offered an opportunity to work full-time for a charity called Teach For All which has given him the opportunity to shoot documentaries all over the world.Faolan credits Confetti with helping him achieve his ambitions. “Confetti was very ‘practical’ focused, which was great because I’m someone who learns from doing,” he says. “They also gave me the freedom and encouragement to attempt projects which I imagine many other colleges would have labelled as too ambitious.

Course leader for TV Production  – Jamie Cash was a particular source of inspiration and encouragement and I’m still very grateful that he let me take a Confetti camera all the way to Sierra Leone – looking back it must have looked like a very big risk.”