Games Production student Saul Bookey’s story

Saul Bookey is in his first year of studying BSc (Hons) Games Production.

Would you recommend the course to someone thinking of studying?

Absolutely – even if you have no skills in some of the area topics, like 3D modelling for example. You will quickly pick up the skills needed thanks to the extremely friendly and supportive tutors.


How are the facilities at Confetti?

All the lab facilities at Confetti are up-to-date, offering you some amazing hardware to work on, with a motion capture studio! The rooms where your lectures take place are all very modern and comfy which is great for those longer sessions. Plus a cafe on site is really handy if you live further away.


How is living in Nottingham as a student?

Living in Nottingham as a student is fantastic, it has great night life with some amazing clubs, and if that isn’t really your thing it has so much more to offer in the form of places you can meet up with your friends, like the Dice Cup café or just the many cafes around the city.

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