MA Commercial Songwriting and Production student Duncan receives sought-after bursary from Marshall Records

Tuesday February 27, 2018

Are you thinking about continuing your studies after completing your Bachelor’s degree? Along with our postgraduate courses delivered at Confetti, you can also apply to study MA Commercial Songwriting and Production at our friends, Tileyard Education, in their London studios. Tileyard Studios is the largest music community in Europe, and their students are already making a strong impression.

Duncan Brookfield, a student on MA Commercial Songwriting and Production, kicked off his Tileyard Education journey in style as he became the first-ever recipient of the much sought after bursary from Marshall Records – and it was certainly well deserved. His track record is impressive, with over 3 million streams on Spotify for his solo work and a strong social media presence to boot. Having been gigging in London since he was a teenager, he’s been making connections all over the music scene, has been involved in countless projects, has played in various bands, and has been honing his own production skills all at the same time.

He’s currently producing fellow student, Chloe Rona’s new music and they are now working with Tileyard’s Jo Hart and Hart Media to launch a PR campaign in the coming months. They were introduced to Jo as part of the MA course, and it’s great to see that they’ve decided to take things further and work together on a professional level.

Like Confetti, Tileyard encourages integration between their students and the Tileyard community, and Duncan has found that studying there has not only given him fantastic opportunities to collaborate with fellow students but also to network with the professionals within the industry (e.g. BBC Amplify, Notting Hill Music @ KOKO).

“The MA course is super relevant to me, and has given me a lot of extra knowledge and confidence. The tutors are fantastic too, and they are always more than happy to give me feedback and constructive criticism. I also love that I can test out my material at the jam nights in the Vinyl Cafe, which is really helpful for developing as an artist. Tileyard is an inspiring place to be in, the facilities are amazing and it’s extremely professional but also friendly and inclusive.”

Duncan has already sparked the interest of Tileyard Music, which could potentially lead to more songwriting projects and collaborations.

Steve Tannett of Marshall Records has been working closely with Duncan during the first two terms of the MA course. Steve was impressed by Duncan’s approach to music, his work ethic and professionalism, and said, “Duncan is an opportunist, he’s inspiring and we’re proud to be sponsoring him.”

So far Marshall Records have given Duncan the fantastic Marshall CODE 50 guitar amp, as well as the opportunity to film a live session at their flagship studios. There may also be opportunities to collaborate with existing Marshall Records artists at their writing camps, on top of which, Duncan will be heading to Nashville to write with the team at Palmer Global Ink. Other current projects include playing bass for the alternative band, Black Ashes, and also playing drums for indie-rockers, Pure Youth.

If you’re interested in developing your skills further and would like to know more about MA Commercial Songwriting and Production at Tileyard Education, email