MA Commercial Songwriting & Production student Haula spoke about her achievements

Thursday March 15, 2018

haula tileyard education

If you’re interested in continuing your studies with a postgraduate degree, our friends at Tileyard Education provide an MA in Commercial Songwriting & Production. Today, Tileyard Education caught up with HaulaSpitfire Audio’s scholarship winner for the MA – to talk about her achievements at Tileyard Education so far.

“Being in the Tileyard community is opening doors for me and it’s legitimising me” – Haula Nakakembo, MA Commercial Songwriting and Production

Her enthusiasm and positivity, coupled with an incredible talent, leave us with no doubts about why, as well as paying for her scholarship, Spitfire has undertaken the mentor and music supervisor role in her career, with their composers being actively involved in Haula’s tracks for the new EP – which is currently being produced by Tileyard Music’s Steve Manovski.

Haula’s proactive nature also granted her financial backing for the EP production from Help Musicians UK and MOBO Awards, as well as having Focusrite funding the release, planned for Spring/Summer 2018. This is the first year that Haula has been able to “do music as her life”, to attend songwriting camps and co-write, and all the hard work seems to be paying off as she tells us that she has been nominated for both Best Female Solo Act and Best Urban Act for the Unsigned Music Awards 2018.

With her latest single “Good to you (feat VRS. US)” reaching 3,774 listens on Spotify she is definitely leaving us both hungry and excited for her upcoming EP.

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