Chris Ball – FdSc Audio & Music Technology

Sunday January 1, 2017

Winner – Best Music Production

About Chris

I’m a mature student and with that arriving back at college was quite an intimidating thing, but my fears were soon eased as I was accepted by the other students and tutors on my course. Confetti is a fantastic place to be whatever you’re here to learn.

I had no real previous experience of the subjects on the course apart from doing some home recording so to go from being a fish out of water at the start to receiving an award for the Best Music Production at the end of my second year is something that I’m extremely proud of. 

Chris’ Degree Showcase Work

For the project that we won the award for we were set a task of creating a piece of music that had significant elements that were electronic. I formed a group with Joe Langford who was in my studio class. Joe is an extremely talented writer and offered us a song to work with and it obviously had great potential.

This good starting point allowed us to have the time to really bring the song to life from its MIDI foundations to something brilliant through some small changes in arrangement and replacing elements of the original song with analogue synths and real instruments.

The track was completed through Joe providing vocals. By the time we completed the track we had spent in the region of 30 to 40 hours experimenting with sounds and arrangements and we tried absolutely everything that either of us suggested. We probably created enough usable music to create two or three good versions of the track but eventually settled on a final version.

I can honestly say that this was the most enjoyable piece of work that I’ve done since joining Confetti. We don’t really get set work that isn’t interesting, but this was just fun from start to finish. As our tutor Dan Livesey said, “Music should be fun” and this project was.

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