Campus safety at Confetti

Thursday March 25, 2021

Confetti campus safety message

As our student community return to campus, we want to ensure you stay aware and stay safe when moving around the Confetti campus.

As the dark nights are drawing in, we want you to ensure you stay aware and safe when moving around the campus, as well as on your journey home. Your timetable may require you to travel between sites and we want you to keep as safe as possible.

Plan your journey

Think in advance where you need to be and what time you need to arrive, this will stop you getting lost and taking shortcuts in a rush. Always let someone know of your plans in advance. If you’re unsure of the route to any of our sites, just ask your tutor or reception staff.

Walk the proper route

You should choose the safest route to walk to your destination, stick to main roads, well-lit areas, and streets that are more populated.

Walk in groups to stay safe 

Where you can, walk with friends. If you’re heading for a timetabled session there will be a class of you going that way – so meet up and walk together.

Don’t have your music too loud

If you have to walk alone and you’re listening to music, keep the volume to a level that you can still hear your surroundings and road traffic. Keep any essential valuables you are carrying as discreet as possible, don’t be on your phone or have it in on show.

Don’t approach strangers

Keep to yourself when on your travels, if you feel unsafe, lost or need guidance call our emergency safeguarding number between 8.30am and 6pm on 07752729566 or the Confetti main line 0115 952 2075.


If you’re in immediate danger and need help call 999.

We want you to keep as safe as possible, and ensure all students are respectfully following the Confetti code of conduct. If you have any concerns regarding travelling between sites or your safety when on campus, get in touch with our student support team by emailing

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