Bring Me The Horizon producer Al Groves works on student’s single at Confetti

Friday January 10, 2020

Al Groves in Studio 1 at Metronome

The first week back from Christmas has been an exciting one for our students who have had the chance to work with music producer Al Groves on a brand new single.

At Confetti, we live by our mantra ‘Do It For Real’; and our latest student opportunity shows just that. Producer for bands including Bring Me The Horizon, Cast and Elvis Costello, Al Groves, spent the week with a group of students producing a single at Metronome.

BA (Hons) Music Performance student James Burt wrote the song in question almost eight years ago, and when he was given the chance to have Al Groves produce it, he jumped at the chance.


“This has been the best week of my life – getting to record a song I wrote myself and collaborating with talented musicians has been fantastic.

Working with Al has been amazing, I’ve never worked with a producer before and he’s really good at pushing people. I feel inspired – it feels like it’s one big step closer to my dream of becoming a recording artist!”

Student James Burt with Al Groves

A group of BSc (Hons) Audio and Music Technology students worked on the single alongside Al, setting up the necessary equipment and helping with the recording. The experience was challenging but rewarding for the students, giving them a real insight into recording in a commercial setting and the pace and standard at which a really great producer works.

Student Jake Smith explained how he asked Al lots of questions during the process:

“I wanted to soak up every bit of wisdom Al had to offer, so we’ve all been asking questions non-stop, and watching the way he works.”


Fellow student Daniel Woodruff was inspired by how easily Al was able to work on completely different systems than those he uses usually.

“For me, that’s the sign of a real pro – he was able to sit down at the desk in Studio 1 of Metronome and adapt to a different system to the one he uses day to day.”

Audio and Music Technology students Jake Smith, Alfie Holloway, Daniel Woodruff and Tom Allen (L-R)

A big thanks to Al for joining us, we can’t wait to hear the single!

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