Ever Thought About A Career In VFX? Hear From Our Alumni Jack

Sunday August 6, 2017

Have you ever thought about studying visual effects but are unsure about the possibilities it brings? We caught up with previous student Jack Shillingford who works for Orillo Productions – a unique company that specialises in creative and engaging films, aspiring to become one of the global leading production firms.

We asked him a few questions below about how his career has developed after studying at Confetti and if he had any advice for current students wanting to go into VFX.

So Jack, what initially sparked your interest in VFX?

I’ve always liked the idea of being able to control every element of film. With VFX there are no reshoots or unwanted mistakes. Every element is there because you put it there. I can create an entirely 3D scene and be in complete control – Is that grass too long? Now its short; Should that tree be there? Now it’s gone. Perhaps this makes me a control freak?


How did you get involved in Orillo Productions?

I came to work for Orillo as an intern originally. I was only supposed to be there for a couple of weeks, but two weeks turned into two months and then they offered me the job!


What does your job at Orillo involve?

My job involves a lot of different elements, from screen replacements and animated text to building spaceships and stormy seas. Each project is different and most of the work is commercial but I never let that stop me from being creative. We have a large client base including Toyota, Tinder and Ben & Jerries – free ice cream is a big perk of the job! No free dates or cars though.

Let’s talk about Confetti. What was the best thing about studying here?

Confetti helped me explore various different roles in the film industry. It allowed me to gain a broad understanding of how the whole machine works before picking an area to focus on. Because of Confetti I now know that my passion lies within VFX.


Finally, do you have any advice for current students wanted to go into VFX?

Surround yourself with people who have a greater or equal passion to yours. If you’re the smartest or most qualified person in the room, then you have no motivation to push yourself further. I discovered this when I came to Orillo. I was so used to working alone that my work became stale and unimaginative. Now I’m surrounded by so much creative talent it drives me to be better at what I do.

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