Students take on professional roles at GameCity Festival

Wednesday November 6, 2013


October’s GameCity festival saw professionals and fans of gaming jet in from around the world to enjoy talks, workshops and to take part in the latest innovations in gaming technology. The GameCity event is held annually here in Nottingham and, as ever, Confetti students were on hand to assist with the events.

Student ambassadors worked with school children to help inspire them and consider a future in gaming by assisting in a series of Minecraft EDU workshops which saw children build their own version of Nottingham.

GameCity also ran Open Arcade, a week long gaming space based in Nottingham’s Lace Market. Open Arcade saw vintage and retro games come back to life which was a delight to the adults and a whole new world to younger children. As well as bringing back the classics, Confetti students also helped adults and children navigate round some of the more quirky gaming innovations including one game which required the user to use bananas as controllers!

One of the biggest tasks for Confetti students was filming Cara and Keith’s live Power Lunches which were broadcast daily onto the Guardian’s website. Students required nerves of steel as they sat behind the lens knowing their skills were going to be seen by thousands! All the Guardian Power Lunches can be viewed here.

All in all, students did a tremendous job and are already looking forward to next year and boosting their CV even more.

Well done to all Confetti students and staff who took part in the week-long festival, we couldn’t be more proud of you!