Depending on your prior Maths attainment, you may be required to continue to study Maths as part of your programme of study. This is to ensure we can support in achieving a higher grade pass at GCSE or equivalent to support you in your progress to higher education and employment. If you achieved a grade 3 or below in GCSE Maths, you will need to attend mandatory GCSE or Functional Skills sessions. We offer 5 different levels of Maths designed to support you in your progression.

If you achieved a Grade 3 at GCSE you will be required to study GCSE Maths where you will be supported to achieve a grade 4 or above.

If you achieved below a Grade 3 at GCSE and have not yet achieved a Functional Skills Level 2 Pass you will be required to study Functional Skills Maths at Entry Level 2, Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2. This will be dependent on your prior achievement. 


  • By stage tests or practice exams every half term. These assessments are used to identify gaps in your knowledge and to set targets to support you.
  • By examination at various points throughout the academic year.

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You will enjoy this course if:

You enjoy working in small groups, problem solving, logic puzzles and games. We are very different to Maths at school.