Confetti are STEAMing ahead

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Here at Confetti, our students and alumni are so passionate about their chosen subjects and are eager to spread the word about life at Confetti and all the extra work we do. Recently Confetti alumni Victoria Van Garrett appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham to discuss her role as part of GameCity and why she’s so determined to teach school children about games development.

After graduating from Confetti, Victoria went on to work as Project Coordinator for STEAM School. STEAM – which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics – is a series of interactive workshops hosted by Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies where school children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can learn more about gaming and games development.

The workshops aim to be as interactive as possible and students will be working with the educational branch of Minecraft so they can learn in a fun and interesting environment. Selected schools will have the ability to use Minecraft to build their own dream version of certain Nottingham landmarks and see them printed in mini model form via a 3D printer.

“When people are playing games, they’re learning so many skills including maths, science, project management, team work and strategy planning to name but a few” says Victoria. As a single mother to an eleven year old daughter, Victoria knows how important it is to enrich the lives of young people and inspire them to succeed in the future.

“There’s more to gaming than shooting zombies, no course would ever consist of that. At Confetti, students learn everything from animation to programming so they can go onto careers in either the creative side of gaming or the business side” says Victoria.

Appearing on the Frances Finn Show on BBC Nottingham, Victoria aimed to dispel any myths parents may have about courses and careers in gaming, as well as discussing the brilliant work STEAM School does.

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