VFX and Animation student Mohamed Dembele’s story

From the first moment Mohamed saw the VFX & Animation course when Confetti visited his school, he knew it was something he wanted to work on and make a career out of. Find out how Mohamed has made it at Confetti this year.

vfx and animation student

My reason for choosing Confetti:

Confetti came in to do a talk at my school where I got to hear about all the amazing stuff students get to do here. They also showed some work that graduates had done, and when I saw that I was sold – I thought “I want to make work like that one day”.

My favourite experience last year:

We had a VFX ‘Fun Day’ which was an opportunity for us all to celebrate the work we’d done during our time here. Our work was presented at Zero Latency – the virtual reality experience in Nottingham – and afterwards, we had an Oscars ceremony where students won awards for various projects.

My support from Confetti:

The support here is excellent. We had tutorials where tutors made sure we were happy and on track with our work, and if I ever found myself struggling with an assignment, they were right there offering me help and guidance.

My favourite part of the course:

I love After Effects – it’s such a great piece of technology to use when creating 2D animations and special effects. The effects we made are ones you’d expect to see in movies, which was really cool.

My story next year:

I’m staying on at Confetti to take the Visual Effects Production Technology degree course – I can’t wait! If my studies go well, one day I’d love to work in the VFX industry.

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