What you need to know about your college course interview

Are you preparing for an FE interview with us but not sure what to expect? In this blog we answer a few questions that will hopefully better prepare you for when it’s your turn. An interview is a chance to meet someone who represents Confetti. It’s a great way to show your interest in us and the course, and a perfect opportunity to impress a potential tutor. Let’s answer some of your questions…

What should I do before the interview?

Have a think of any questions you’d like to ask – course, facilities or workload. The interview is a way for you to learn more about the course and your tutor, as well as us finding out a bit about you as a person. Gather a portfolio of any work that relates to your interests and the course, but don’t worry if you have nothing – just be prepared to talk about why you want to study in your chosen area.

Plan your journey to avoid extra stress, give yourself plenty of time on the day.


What should I wear?

We’re more interested in what you have to tell us than what you’re wearing, but make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you choose.


When should I arrive?

If you’re attending in person, aim to arrive in plenty of time to give yourself time to find where you need to be and sign in at reception.

If you are going to be late or can’t make your interview call us on 0115 993 2321 beforehand.


How do I get to Confetti?

Go to our directions & parking page to view our interactive map.


Should I bring anything with me?

The biggest thing recommended for students coming along to an interview would be to bring examples of work.

“Far too many learners come in for an interview and state that they practise on VFX and Animation software at home but never think to render out some of their work and bring it in. We carry out many of the interviews in rooms with computers so can easily see their work if they bring it. They could also put a small reel on a tablet etc.” Brian Hurst VFX Course Leader


What are interviewers looking for?

Tutors want to see that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about your subject. Your application has done enough to persuade them so far, so just be yourself.


What will they ask me?

Interviews vary according to the type of course, but there are some standard questions you should be ready to answer:

  • What do you know about the subject you are applying to study?
  • Why are you interested in this subject?
  • Why do you want to attend Confetti in particular?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • Have you ever done any volunteering?
  • Why is there a gap in your employment/schooling?
  • What makes you more suitable for the course than another applicant with the same grades?


How long will it last?

Interviews are booked in for 45 minutes. On arrival, you will fill in some interview paperwork (this will take around 15 minutes), and then meet with the tutor. Confetti is open at the same time as schools, but confirmation letters are sent for you to show to your school tutor to authorise the absence for you.


What should I do at the end of the interview?

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions too, so note down a few to take with you. Don’t feel you need to ask ‘intelligent’ questions that will make you look good – just ask what you actually want to know!


What happens after the interview?

The tutor who has interviewed you should give you some indication after the interview of a possible course offer, you’ll receive formal confirmation in the post within 28 days but this may be longer during busy periods. If you’re worried or have any questions during this time, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chase your application.