Additional Learning Support –
Education Health and Care Plans

It is really important that you let us know if you have an EHCP and give us a copy of the most up to date version. We will need to look at the support needs and outcomes detailed on your EHCP to make sure that we are able to meet all of your needs. It is likely that we will need to ask you some questions, so we will also invite you and your parents/carers (and any other support network that you have) to come to meet with a member of the team for an additional support assessment.

If there are some aspects of support that we feel we may not be able to meet, we will talk to you about this to see if there are any solutions. We will always involve your Local Authority in your application, as they have responsibility for maintaining your EHCP and naming a provision.

One of the primary focuses of an EHCP is to give choice and control to a person, and to prepare them for their future adult life. An EHCP will have outcomes that relate to:

Support on programme for students with EHCPs

The same support is available to students with EHCPs as is available to all other students; the only difference is that for some people with EHCPs, we arrange individualised support.

Individualised support – Sometimes students need more support than is available ordinarily. This type of support will be different for different people, which is why we call it individualised. We will need to talk about this kind of support in quite a lot of detail, and we may need to apply for additional funds to be able to deliver it. You will be guided through this process, and we will talk to the Local Authorities on your behalf. In most cases, you will need an EHCP* to access this kind of support.         

*EHCPs are plans for 0-25 year olds. If you are over 25 and are in need of individualised support, we will guide you through the process.

At our main site, we have a Learning Resource Centre; a member of the Additional Learning Support team is there every day to help you to develop your study skills or signpost you to other support services.  Pick up a timetable from the LRC.

We run small group sessions to help you to develop particular skills that will help you with your studies. For example, we might run some sessions on the use of Readwrite Gold or sessions on confidence in exams.  Pick up a termly timetable from the LRC.

We offer 1:1 or small group support with an ALS tutor for 6 weeks to focus on particular skill development, and then we will review whether you need to continue with this support or whether you can go to a workshop or study zone.

Some students may need help in the classrooms; this is an assessed support need, so if you think that it will be helpful to you, you will need to let us know why at your support assessment.

Some students are eligible for exam concessions; this will depend upon your support needs and will need either evidence of a support need or an exam concession assessment – this will be done once you start studying with us.

Our aim is to make learning with us as accessible as possible by removing potential barriers. Sometimes however, some people need a further adjustment to meet their specific needs. You will be able to talk to your tutor about this once you start studying with us.

We believe that the best way to support you is to work in partnership with you, other people such as your tutors, people who are important to you and Student Services. We will keep you, and what is important to you, at the centre of any conversations.

PCRs (Person Centred Reviews)

It is a statutory requirement for an EHCP to be reviewed annually, and it is encouraged that this is done in a ‘person centred’ way. A PCR takes a holistic view about a person and focuses on the things that are important to them both now and in the future. The aim is to set or review outcomes and actions that will progress the individual towards a meaningful adulthood, taking account of:

  • Education and employment
  • Independence and independent living
  • Community and relationships
  • Health and wellbeing

It is really important that you attend your review so that we can keep you central to all of the discussion; we will invite anyone that is important to you too (you will need to let us know who you want to invite). It is possible that the Local Authority will be represented, and they will want to hear about progress – not just towards qualifications, but other outcomes too.

We will talk about what is working, and what is not working, from everyone’s perspective.  This is an opportunity to raise issues that are concerning you (not working), and for us all to look at what is positive and possible to support you to achieve your goals.

A PCR can take up to 1.5 hours. The image below shows how the room will be set up, so don’t be surprised – it’s like a big mind map!