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Music and Events Lab Sessions

Confetti Industry Week Banner

On Wednesday 8 March we’ve got an Industry Week first as we put on the debut Music & Events Lab Sessions! If you want to spend time chatting one-to-one with experts about some of your favourite products, you’re going to love this cosy exhibition.

This is a day of opportunities to meet the manufacturers behind some of your favourite gear and to see their products demonstrated by company representatives. There’s also the chance to book onto some small demonstration sessions where you can take part in practical sessions or see exclusive performances – they’re limited so be quick!

The sessions run from 12pm – 5pm and are open for drop-ins where you can receive advice, see the products, and ask questions.

Here’s the day’s schedule:

Industry week music lab sessions timetable

Information on bookable sessions:

Moog Werkstatt Workshops

Moog will be running Werkstatt Workshops where you will have the chance to assemble, tweak and even purchase the coveted Moog Werkstatt-01 synthesizer.


Plates Records – MPC Vinyl Sampling Class

In these sessions, you’ll be given time to find samples from Plates’ selection of vinyl in store, then learn how to load, edit and chop them up in Plates’ classic MPC sampler. The final section involves playing the samples and looping sequences to make a tune.


Kris Halpin

Kris is a singer, songwriter, producer and technologist. As well as performing in his band, Winter Of ’82, he works to innovate at the intersection between music and disability. Book to see Kris perform with Imogen Heap’s groundbreaking Mi.Mu gloves, demonstrating their use as accessible music technology.



London-based manufacturer Roli will be demoing their new modular music studio BLOCKS!


PMT Roland Demos

Head over to PMT to see demonstrations on a range of Roland equipment. Their staff will be on hand to give advice and answer questions.


For Industry Week news and announcements visit the Industry Week website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Meet and network with experts from the music industry!

NUSIC Academy Workshop
NUSIC Academy Workshop - November 2016 - Photographer Sam Nahirny

Want to get advice from some of the top experts in the music industry?

Join Radio 1 & 1Xtra Producer Kate Holder, Radio X’s New Music DJ John Kennedy, and Metal Hammer Features Editor Eleanor Goodman at the NUSIC Academy Workshop and learn from the best! Also, you can network, form collaborations with people from the music industry, and meet ‘music helping’ organisations who want to help you make it in the music industry!

This Workshop will aim to teach you about the art of getting media exposure and best of all, it’s FREE – bring your mates down!

‘Getting Media Exposure’ is on Wednesday 8 March, as part of Industry Week, at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Academy Workshop

The Workshop will take its usual public Q&A format aiming to help you acquire the knowledge, skills and contacts you need to take your music to the next level. You’ll be joined by Producer Kate Holder, DJ John Kennedy, and Features Editor Eleanor Goodman who’ll advise you on how to get media exposure for your music! NUSIC’s very own Mark Del will be chairing the panel.

Advice Fair

Alongside the Workshop, before and after, there’ll also be the NUSIC Advice Fair which offers you the chance to get free informal one-to-one expert advice. Like a fresher’s fair, it’ll be full of companies who’ll be looking to give you great advice on all things music.

Check out some of the organisations you can expect on the right. The full, confirmed line-up will be announced closer to the time.

Nusic Workshop

Love Spreading

After the Academy Workshop there will be 15 minutes of ‘Love Spreading’ – you’re probably thinking what’s that? Well NUSIC has a general philosophy of trying to spread as much positive energy as possible. This means connecting people, always looking for the positive and always acknowledging sources of help, assistance and/or knowledge.

At Workshops the focus is on connecting people – so before the advice fair starts NUSIC will shout out any promoters, media experts, musicians in the room who you might want to meet. We also give you the chance to shout out if you’re looking for someone to collaborate with – you could be sitting next to your perfect lead guitarist and not even know it. This could be the start to you building great connections that might otherwise not happen without spreading the love.

This is a FREE ticketed event – usually the Workshops get fully booked in advance so please register ASAP to make sure you reserve a place – book here.

Meet mature student Em Cox

games controller

If you’re over 18 and want to start a college course at Confetti this September, it’s not too late. There may be some fees involved and you may be in class with students who are younger than you, but we wanted to give you an insight into how easy and fun the experience can be. We caught up with our Level 3 Games Technology student Em Cox (24), to see how her Confetti life is going as a mature student.

“…it (Advanced Learner Loan) doesn’t really phase me about paying it back, it’s an investment in my future…”

First thing’s first – why did you choose Confetti?

I chose Confetti because I’ve always wanted to work in the games industry. There were colleges closer to home but they only offered courses that covered computers broadly not specifically looking at the games industry which was something I was looking for.

Did you have to pay course fees?

Yes, I had to pay fees because of my age and also I’ve completed a level 3 course already, so I wouldn’t be funded by the government to study further education.

How did you manage to pay them?

I paid for my course fees through the Advanced Learner Loan which the government offers, it has recently changed so that anyone over the age of 19 can apply. Whereas last year it was only for students over the age of 24. It’s great for students returning to education after a few years away like myself.

Was it an easy process to apply?

The process itself was pretty simple – I just searched for Advanced Learner Loan and it took me to the site, I filled out my personal details on the form with some details from Confetti and it was all done!

How do you feel about paying it back?

Honestly it doesn’t really phase me about paying it back, it’s an investment in my future, and who knows if I make it big with a game I can just pay it off in one lump sum.

Did you access any help with the process?

The Confetti support team has been behind me the whole way from offering me a chance to come in prior to starting the course and seeing Confetti, meeting the teaching staff and even getting a little hands-on experience with what I would be learning on the course. Also with personal issues I’ve had nothing but exceptional support and understanding.

How is it studying with under 18’s?

Well a lot of students think I’m only 17 (I’m 25 this year) so I must have great genes! It’s great I feel like I can be a role model for these guys but they also make me feel young, it’s a good balance.

I was worried about coming back into education and feeling out of touch despite only being several years older than them, but we all have the same goals, we want to learn, we want to succeed and I think no matter the age it would be the same experience.

Overall what’s your time been like at Confetti so far?

It’s all incredible – Confetti gives students great industry links, teaching staff and support teams – It’s certainly top of its class!

Want to study at Confetti? Check out our college and degree courses – if you see anything you like, book a place on to an open day and find out what we do!

Significant Medieval find during work on new Confetti building


The archaeologists working on the construction site of our new creative and digital learning space have unearthed the best preserved medieval site seen in Nottingham for 15 years!

Trent & Peak Archaeology (part of York Archaeological Trust) have discovered enclosure ditches and square rock cut pits filled with pottery, glass and roof tiles which leads them to think that in Medieval times people were making pottery pretty close to the Confetti site – seems that Confetti has been the place to create for a lot longer than we’ve been here!

The artefacts are currently being taken away from the site, so that they can be cleaned and have more tests carried out on them.

We’ve been down on the site every day taking pictures, so you can get a glimpse of some of the interesting stuff that is going on behind the big white hoardings, check out our mini gallery below.

Marc Preite, Nottingham Trent University’s project manager for the new development, said the find wouldn’t delay the work in any way as he had planned for archaeological work and allowed enough time for any artefacts to be dealt with properly.

Confetti’s Director of Operations, Greg Marshall said: “It seems quite appropriate that our new digital media hub could be built on a site where a creative industry was practiced hundreds of years ago.”

The new digital media hub is due to open in autumn 2018 and will be the place to design, create, produce and develop – giving our students even more opportunities to DO IT FOR REAL.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on any more exciting developments on the site.

DJ Yoda announced for Industry Week!

DJ Yoda Eventbrite

We’re excited to announce multi-award-winning Hip-Hop DJ and producer DJ Yoda will be at Industry Week! Not only will he be giving a talk about The Art of DJing, but he is headlining Confetti Industry Week presents DJ Yoda + Guests – a one night only exclusive event at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union, featuring his pioneering audio visual entertainment.

Book tickets for Confetti Industry Week presents DJ Yoda + Guests / Book tickets for a talk on The Art of DJing

No typical club DJ, his interests lie in finding fresh and unique ways to bring turntables out of the club and getting involved in bespoke collaborations. Working with classical composers to neuroscientists; brass bands to film directors; Dr Dre to Dame Evelyn Glennie; Banksy to Mark Ronson; BBC Radio 4 to the BFI, he adapts his craft to create the most unique sounds and visuals.

The viral success of his Stranger Things Mix (below) racked up more than a quarter million plays on Soundcloud, culminating in his UK Tour of Stranger Things The Mixtape Live. He was Dr Dre’s first choice to record a guest mix on his inaugural Beats 1 show for Apple Music in 2015, and was one of a select band of artists to perform at Banksy’s pop-up Bemusement Park, Dismaland. His eclectic series of How to Cut & Paste mixtapes (below) offer a uniquely British take on hip-hop music and culture.

DJ Yoda’s Audio Visual Entertainment

DJ Yoda’s Mixes

Industry Week Events

DJ Yoda will be giving a talk about The Art of DJing on Friday 10 March, 3.30pm – 5pm at Space 2. This is a great chance to gain insights into his career, and to understand what is needed to be a great DJ & producer.

He will be headlining Confetti Industry Week presents DJ Yoda + Guests on Friday 10 March, 7pm – 11pm at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union. The event has a limited number of tickets so it’s recommended you register as soon as you can. For more information go to the Facebook event, or to register for a ticket go to the booking page.

Want to bring a mate? General sale tickets are available for £10 from the NTSU website.

Must read before continuing:

  • You can only attend this event with a PRINTED TICKET.
  • Must use valid confetti email address to register for free ticket
  • Free Entry tickets are valid until 8pm only, please ensure you arrive at the venue early to be guaranteed entry. Doors open at 7pm.
  • Free Entry tickets are only valid for students of Confetti & NTU. ID from your institution will be required upon entry. Friends can buy tickets from Nottingham Trent Students’ Union website.
  • Tickets are non-transferable, only the person named on the ticket will be permitted entry.
  • The event is open to over 16’s only. Age ID required on entry.

DJ Yoda will be joined by top industry guests from the music, film, TV and games industries. Book your tickets for Industry Week before they run out – check out our guests and plan who you want to see!

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Importing Eventbrite events into your Calendar

Industry Week Banner

Industry Week 2017 is approaching and in order to get the most out of it and not miss out on any events you want to attend, we recommended you import the events you have signed up to into your mobile calendar.

Whether you’re an Apple addict or an Android fan, you can use the Eventbrite App to make your Industry Week experience even better – here’s how!

Before you attempt to sign up to any Industry Week events, you’ll need to download the Eventbrite App from the App Store or Google Play. Make sure you sign up with the email address you are booking the tickets with – this will link the tickets to your account.


On the Industry Week website, find the event you want to sign up to and click on the book now button. This will take you to the event page which shows you the event description, date and time, and a map of the location. If you connect with Facebook you can see other friends attending! When you’re ready, select register.

Make sure you read the event description because some events are applications only, and others you won’t need to sign up to if you are in the compulsory groups already booked in.

Eventbrite Screenshot Industry Week
Eventbrite Screenshot Industry Week

You’ll have 8 minutes to fill in your information – make sure you use your correct name, the same email address, and select your cohort number. Once you check your details and everything is correct, register to book your space. Your order should now be complete!

Eventbrite Screenshot
Eventbrite Screenshot

Once you get the ‘Order complete’ screen, open your Eventbrite app and log in with your Confetti email. Select ‘Me’ and your events should be listed under ‘Ticket’. Click on the event, select ‘Add to My Calendar’ and allow Eventbrite access to your calendar.

Eventbrite Screenshot
Eventbrite Screenshot

Eventbrite will open your calendar and automatically create a new event, auto-filling the details for you. Before you add this to your calendar, double check the details are correct. When you’re happy you can add it to your calendar – it should now appear like the image on the far right!

Eventbrite Screenshot
Eventbrite Screenshot

Sign ups for Industry Week are live so make sure you’ve downloaded and signed up to the Eventbrite app because some events will be in high demand – you don’t want to miss out! 

Our first Space2 Open Day!

This academic year saw the opening of our brand new space for TV & Film students – Space2. For those interested in pursuing a career in Film & TV we threw open the doors on Wednesday 1 February to show them what goes on in our new facilities. If you didn’t make it to our first ever Open Day at Space2 don’t worry, here’s a look at what we got up to!

TV Studio

Space 2 Open Day TV Studio

Our Level 3 Acting and Film Production students were rehearsing a scene in the studio for one of their upcoming productions. We had a camera crew filming and the full lighting rig had been setup to show off our industry-standard facilities!

TV Gallery Suite

Space2 Broadcast Gallery

Up in the gallery the production for a mock broadcast was being managed and visitors got the chance to get hands-on with some of the equipment – controlling the lighting and cueing in the ad breaks.

Green Screen Room

Green Screen Room Space 2

In the green screen room Level 3 Visual Effects and Animation students were recording assets for their current projects and visitors got to see some of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating special effects!

25-Seat Screening Room

Screening Room - Space2

Finally our guests were seated in our 25 seat screening room where they got to watch ‘Magnus Opus’ the winning short film from this year’s Celebrate Short Film Festival. The screening room has Dolby Atmos audio facilities so it’s like watching films at the cinema!

If you’re interested in studying a course in Film & TV at Confetti come along to one of our Open Days or Apply online now.

The First Confetti Live!

Babe Punch
Babe Punch, The Bodega, Nottingham, 1st February 2017 - photographed by Steve Fisher

Last Wednesday Confetti took over The Bodega to host the very first Confetti Live. Alternative rock band Babe Punch headlined the event with support from our FE & HE Music Performance students Matt Hine, Beth Jowett & Holly Taylor-Gamble.

Over 150 people were there to enjoy the great local talent on offer, but the night couldn’t work without our Live & Technical Events students working as sound and lighting engineers, and our Film & TV students who recorded the event. The students used what they’d learnt in lessons to help create some amazing footage which the bands will use for their own promotion. Abby Kelly, a FdSc Live & Technical Events student was Lighting Engineer and took the chance to create the lighting design, as well as cue all of the lighting changes during the performances.

(Check out Abby’s time-lapse of the lighting setup for Holly Taylor-Gamble)

“Confetti Live was such an amazing experience as it gave me the opportunity to get real world industry experience, enhancing my studies and career for the future.”

Chris Hine
Chris Hine opening Confetti Live
Beth Jowett Confetti Live
Beth Jowett photographed by Steve Fisher

“It was a night full of great musicians, absolutely owning the Bodega stage!”

The event was a chance for our FE & HE Music Performance students to play a live gig, applying what they’ve gained from studying at Confetti to their sets at Confetti Live. Chris Hine and Beth Jowett were the first two acts and both showed off their musical talent with a fantastic mix of vocals and guitar – it was a great start to the night which set the benchmark.

Holly Taylor-Gamble
Holly Taylor-Gamble photographed by Steve Fisher
Holly Taylor-Gamble
Holly Taylor-Gamble photographed by Steve Fisher

Holly Taylor-Gamble had a very busy 2016 which included performing at Hockley Hustle, and she wowed the crowd with her unique ambient Folk Pop sound. She herself loved the event and enjoyed the experience adding: “it was a full night of great musicians, absolutely owning the Bodega stage!” It was the perfect set up for Babe Punch and it shouldn’t be too long before we see Holly’s name at bigger events.

Babe Punch at Confetti Live
Babe Punch photographed by Steve Fisher

Babe Punch brought with them an energetic live performance to match the snarling sound they’re known for. People heard tracks from their latest EP Contour, and as the set gained momentum, so did the crowd’ s energy – a human barrier was made by staff midway to protect the lighting console and kit! Their blend of alt-rock and punk resulted in a show well worth the wait, and you can see why they’ve already played at Y NotDot to Dot (at the iconic Rock City) and Splendour festivals.

“It was an amazing night and it was so good to see so many people down. The students made it just like being at any normal gig in the way that it all ran smoothly, sounded great and had great promotion. The students were even better than some of the professionals we’ve worked with!.”

FE Music Tech tutor Dan Tissier was pleased with the event, and even more impressed with the students involved. “Throughout the gig the students did a really professional job with the sound and lights. I have had several complimentary comments made to me about the quality of the show and performances from people who do this for a living.”

A great night for everyone involved, bring on the next Confetti Live!

If you missed the first Confetti Live don’t worry, you’ll be able to watch the best bits our Film & TV students recorded soon!

The next Confetti Live event is Wednesday 22 February, headlined by Cecille Grey and supported by Sam Kirk, Black Cats & Magpies & Nicole Wilson. Click the image below for more info.

Confetti Live

Confetti Live – An interview with Babe Punch

babe punch
Babe Punch, The bodega, Nottingham, 15th October 2016 Credit: Steve Fisher

Babe Punch are headlining Confetti Live on Wednesday 1 February alongside FdA Music Performance students Holly Taylor-Gamble (who we interviewed last week), Beth Jowett and Chris Hine. The newly emerging 5-piece alternative rock band from Derby/Nottingham have had a very busy 2015/16 – they’ve played gigs relentlessly across the Midlands supporting the likes of Hinds, Menace Beach and Allusondrugs, as well as the Y Not, Dot to Dot (at the iconic Rock City) and Splendour festivals. Check out what they had to say after getting some practice in at the studio before they perform at The Bodega Wednesday.

“Never pass the chance to gig because it’s the best way for people to see and discover you. The more people see you, the more opportunities come your way.”

Are you excited for Confetti Live on Wednesday?

Definitely, it’s going to be really good – there’s loads of people coming and it’s always a good thing when a gig’s free. We can’t wait!

How did you guys meet?

So me (Abbie), Carys and Molly all met at school, I then met Miles when he came to one of our gigs, and we knew Adam already through another band – we’ve got on great ever since.

Have any of you studied music at school or college?

Everyone apart from Adam has studied or is studying music – me (Molly) and Carys studied music at GCSE and Abby did a music BTEC. Me, Carys and Abby also studied music tech at college and Miles has started AS music tech.

Studying has helped us during our recording sessions because we’re able to have more of an input to get our music to sound how we want it – now we know what’s going on unlike with our first release where we had no clue about post production.

Abbie’s BTEC helped us understand the business side of it more and what we need to do to progress, and in some places studying music has helped us discover new artists giving us a wider range of influences.

How was performing at Splendour Festival?

It was amazing, really good – we were actually a last-minute addition and it was such a nice day which we’ll never forget. We usually go every year anyway so to perform was a bit surreal.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Nottingham?

Yeah it’s great at the moment – there are some great local bands from Derby and Nottingham; Cameron Sinclair Harris, Pet Crow, Unqualified Nurse Band, the Varletts, Cherry Hex – the list is endless and it shows you how good the local talent is. For us it’s just a really exciting music scene to be a part of because there’s a great deal going on and we can see a lot of good people doing well.

Do you enjoy playing in Nottingham?

Yes! We’re lucky to have so many cool venues which differ so much. We love playing at The Bodega of course, but also more intimate DIY venues such as JT Sour and The Lofthouse – these are definitely our favourites. Nottingham also provides tons of opportunities because a lot of people are looking to support you at every venue – from other bands to fans, it’s just great!

What’s the best bit of advice you can give to up-and-coming artists?

Never pass the chance to gig because it’s the best way for people to see and discover you. The more people see you the more opportunities come your way so just gig as much as possible. For us, we prefer to gig over recording any day!

What’s your favourite gig you’ve played?

It has to be our EP launch on 15 October at The Bodega. It was a packed night and not only did all of our friends come, but a lot of people who we hadn’t seen before turned up which surprised/shocked us, but it was lovely. Even after we performed, everyone joined us backstage which was really fun and it felt like a proper good gig.

Also any JP Sour gig because we love playing there and Splendour, but the EP launch was definitely the highlight.

Have a listen to their EP ‘Control’ on Soundcloud or Spotify.

Babe Punch are headlining Confetti Live on Wednesday 1 February at The Bodega so make sure you go check them out! Our FdA Music Performance students are supporting them along with FdSc Live & Technical Events students who’ll be making sure the event runs smoothly.

Confetti Live

Industry Week 2017 – Nick Broomfield

Nick Broomfield

With just five weeks to go until the biggest week in the Confetti student calendar, we’re super excited to announce our first Industry Week guest…acclaimed filmmaker Nick Broomfield!

Nick Broomfield is as famous for his trademark headphones and boom mic as he is for his films.

His filmmaking style has been highly influential and it’s been noted that both Michael Moore and Louis Theroux have adopted similar styles in their documentary filmmaking!

Nick Broomfield’s films cover a wide range of subjects from prostitution (Sex: My British Job), politics (Sarah Palin: You Betcha!) to the war in Iraq (Battle for Haditha) and serial killers (Aileen: Making of a Serial Killer). He also directed the highly acclaimed Biggie and Tupac and Kurt and Courtney documentaries, so music students you’re going to want in on this one!

Biggie & Tupac - Trailer

During his inspirational career Nick Broomfield has picked up a host of prestigious awards – including First Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and in recent years a BAFTA Special Award for his contribution to the documentary genre and the Inspiration Award at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. If you want advice on building a successful career in filmmaking it doesn’t get any better than this.

There’s also been some controversy along the way, with Nick Broomfield’s Kurt & Courtney documentary getting pulled from the Sundance Film Festival two days before it was due to screen and his early documentary Juvenile Liaison being banned by the BFI.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to get insight into the ups and downs, trials and tribulations and the real everyday of documentary filmmaking straight from one of the best in the industry.

Not to be missed! Get in quick for this one as we anticipate tickets will run out fast!

Nick will be joined by top industry guests from the music, film, TV and games industries.

The Industry Week website goes live on Friday 3 February check it out then for the full line-up.

Ticket bookings will be available on Friday 10 February.

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