In WIRE: a chat with BBC Radio 1 host/Industry Week guest Cel Spellman

Thursday April 25, 2019

Confetti invited Cel Spellman to this year’s Industry Week, where the actor and presenter delivered a great talk to students in Metronome. Read below how he got to where he is today through determination and ambition.

At 23, Cel Spellman has already conquered both screen and radio; a feat not wholly typical of somebody of his age but one that he felt compelled to achieve from a young age. Starting out in showbiz at just 7 with a voice-acting role in Beauty and the Beast, Spellman moved on to act in the popular BBC drama Waterloo Road before making his Radio 1 debut in 2013 on the Request Show. Since then, he’s secured a Sunday afternoon show on the radio station; a prime-time fixture in the world of radio broadcasting.

So where did this ambition and confidence in the public eye come from and begin? During his Industry Week interview, Spellman explained how he knew from a young age that he wished to pursue acting. With the support of his family – and an agreement with them that he would continue his academic work alongside acting – he moved to London and attended Sylvia Young Theatre School.

During his talk, he spoke about his life during and after being at the school, and how he found it tricky to switch from acting to presenting in his first presenter’s role on CBBC Friday Download show.

“I’d been told to ignore the camera for 8 years, then all of a sudden I was being told to stare down its barrel and talk directly to the lens.”

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