Ryan Cooke-Ward – FdSc Games Technology

Sunday January 1, 2017

Confetti Degree Showcase 2017

About Ryan

I am currently studying the FdSc Games Technology degree at Confetti with a conditional offer for the BSc Games Production (top up) course. The best thing about the degree is that I had a chance to form close connections to various professionals within the gaming industry and was able to develop a relationship with big developers and smaller indies alike.

A highlight of the course were the tutors. On top of being just very approachable and friendly, they are also all experienced and very good at their job. The Games team taught me how to be independent and confident in my studies and always encouraged me to do my best.

Ryan’s Degree Showcase Work

The piece for the Degree Showcase was our final submission of the year – a collaborative project from most of our core modules. It challenged us to combine everything we had learned over the last two years and make a playable game level. This was then also coded and decorated with assets we created throughout the year.

Everything from music to the programming going into this level was created from scratch for this project. For my level, I made a small management puzzle game called “Adstus Fabrica”. This is a small game which challenges the player to use their abilities to solve puzzles and receive items which will then be sold on for upgrades towards the character and the shop! I have worked in Unreal and the assets for the level were made using 3DS Max and Maya.

Ryan’s Final Word

Confetti’s annual Industry Week is a good opportunity to learn from the industry you aspire to join, start making connections and serves as a valuable first step into your career. The support doesn’t end there – throughout your time on the course you will be guided by the tutors through the business of social media and how to make contacts, and you can make sure you help yourself further your career by utilising what Confetti has to offer.

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