Unearthed: Archaeological Dig at Confetti

During the construction of our new Digital Media Hub the team uncovered one of the most significant medieval sites found in Nottingham in the past 15 years. The caves and artefacts that were discovered in the subsequent archaeological dig have helped rewrite the history of medieval Nottingham and provide information about the way the area was used over 700 years ago!

Trent & Peak Archaeology (part of York Archaeological Trust) have discovered enclosure ditches and square rock cut pits filled with pottery, glass and roof tiles which leads them to think that in Medieval times people were making pottery pretty close to the Confetti site – seems that Confetti has been the place to create for a lot longer than we’ve been here!

Marc Preite, Nottingham Trent University’s project manager for the new development, said the find wouldn’t delay the work in any way as he had planned for archaeological work and allowed enough time for any artefacts to be dealt with properly.

Confetti’s Director of Operations, Greg Marshall said: “It seems quite appropriate that our new digital media hub could be built on a site where a creative industry was practiced hundreds of years ago.”