Hidden away in the city’s busy streets are all the secret places that make Nottingham so unique. Lucky for you, we’ve already hunted them down for you!

Have you ever walked into a boiler shop, only to discover the stock cupboard is actually a quirky bar? Or a café where humans are outnumbered by felines?

Discover the secrets of Nottingham:



Shhh…it’s a secret! Looking like a boiler shop, you’ll enter via the store cupboard to find a quirky bar serving some very inventive cocktails.

Broadway Cinema

Broadway Cinema

Showing a range of indie films and documentaries, as well as the latest blockbusters, this is one of the coolest places to catch a film.

Cobden Chambers

Tucked away next to The Bodega, this alley is home to a number of exciting businesses, making and selling everything from quirky homeware to boutique fashion.

Kitty Cafe

Kitty Café

Heaven for cat lovers, enjoy a coffee and piece of cake in this cat rescue centre, with wide open spaces and lots of toys. This is the perfect spot if you need to chill out!

Hockley Arts Club

The Hockley Arts Club

The restored Victorian building is an endless adventure, from the intimate mid-century Scandinavian inspired spaces to the indoor Electric Garden in the loft, discover this creative space for eating and drinking.