BSc Games Production Graduate Starts His Own YouTube Channel

Monday September 11, 2017

Alex Hamilton

This month, we spoke to our BSc Games Production graduate Alexander Hamilton who has been busy since the Degree Showcase, setting up his own YouTube channel.

What did you study at Confetti?

At first, I studied on the FdSc Games Technology course and after finishing I jumped onto the new BSc Games Production Top Up course as soon as it became available.

Did you always want to study Games Production?

I always wanted to get into designing videogames but wasn’t sure how to do it. I had considered teaching myself, but once I started college I was told about Confetti’s degree level courses and applied straight away.

Why did you choose to continue your studies on the BSc Games Production top up year?

Because I wanted to further my studies and the dissertation looked interesting – being able to undertake my own research on my own topic with no “you must do this” guidance was very enjoyable.

What skills and knowledge did you develop on the course?

I have learnt a lot – not only course specific skills but personal and social skills too. The tutors taught me a great deal of practical knowledge, but my time at Confetti has also allowed me to open up to people as nobody really liked games when I was in secondary school and college, but here I felt at home with my peers and could easily talk to them about anything.

So, what are you doing now you’ve graduated?

At the moment, I’m working on a YouTube channel called Retrospective Reviews. I review games from across the decades, giving my opinion on why I think they are either good or bad. I have developed new ratings called “avoid” and “essential” which applies beyond the realm of good and bad. Let me explain – there are some games that I consider to be bad, but I also think they are essential to play as they are either so different or groundbreaking – but they must be experienced.

Why should people watch/subscribe to your channel?

I believe people should subscribe to Retrospective because, in my experience, most gaming review channels either review current games or games that everybody else has already reviewed. They don’t add anything to the argument for or against said games because of this.

My channel, however, reviews games that are not exactly unpopular but are ‘under the radar’ for most gamers. For example, episode 1 of the series was on Killer7, a game that isn’t current (it is 12 years-old as of 2017) and isn’t very well-known outside of its “cult”.

How has the Games Production course helped when reviewing games on your channel?

The FdSc has given me valuable insight into games by making me take them apart and review them in terms of theme, mechanics and narrative. On the Top Up I wrote a dissertation which has improved my written and verbal skills and helped when planning and structuring my videos.

What advice do you have for people that are considering a place at Confetti?

I enjoyed my time at Confetti and the course is very fun but you have to work hard.

To help prepare yourself you should:

– Get Google Drive AND an external hard drive, back up EVERY HOUR. This is essential.

– Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I found that when I was on the course, there were no wrong answers and the tutors are more than happy to support any idea as crazy as it might sound.

– If you need help, don’t be afraid to just ask.

– GET BUSINESS CARDS. I cannot stress enough how important these are.

– Play and have fun.

– Finally, get your head down. It’s a gaming course, sure, but it’s also a job. You need to take it seriously and treat it as if you were in employment.

You can watch Alex’s reviews on his YouTube channel, Retrospective Reviews.

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