Confetti Return to the Big Apple!

Wednesday January 29, 2020

In January 2020, some of our degree-level students studying games and film courses visited New York City for a week of exploring, learning, and enjoying new experiences.

Last year, a group of our Film Production degree students adventured to New York City for a week, joining in activities spanning from workshops to photography shoots and – of course – sampling the local cuisine. The trip proved so successful, a different group of degree-level film and games students made the same journey.

As well as exploring the huge, exciting city, the students had a lesson with cinematographer Pierro Basso at the New York Film Academy, visited the Statue Of Liberty and visited the Museum of the Moving Image.

Media tutor, Chris Hallam accompanied the students on the trip of a lifetime, and we asked him how the trip benefited the students.

“This is the second time the trip to New York has happened and it was a fantastic experience for all involved. It was great to get out of the classroom and for the students to have the opportunity to explore and learn in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. Visiting New York Film Academy and working with the world class team there was a real benefit to the student learning experience and something that they will not soon forget. The trip allowed students to meet peers from different year groups and different courses and to share their experiences of life, education and Confetti.”


We also spoke to a couple of the students who were part of the trip to the big apple. India Toon not only found it to be enjoyable, but found the trip has also helped with her studies.

“The trip was one of the best experiences I have had. It was six full days of sightseeing and activities. Highlights of the trip would be going up the Empire State Building and seeing the Statue of Liberty. We also had an opportunity to go to the New York film academy for a three hour cinematography session. It was fun but also interesting and helpful towards my studies.”


Kirsty Macadam talked about how grateful she feels to have been given the opportunity, and the advantages of the group consisting of students from different courses.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was an unforgettable experience that I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be involved with. The group was a mix between film and games students which was nice as we got to meet new people and create new connections. A highlight of the trip was visiting the Statue of Liberty (on a very windy ferry) as well as visiting The Colour Factory which involved a lot of sweets and a ball pit. We visited key film attractions such as the Museum of Moving Image and the New York Film Academy for a cinematography workshop which was interesting and beneficial to my studies.”


Have a look through some of the photos from the trip below:

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