Confetti student creates the ‘Notts Tonight’ credits!

Friday April 7, 2017

The new Notts TV flagship show – Notts Tonight has got some pretty snazzy opening credits. Showcasing the very best of our local landmarks it’s proper Notts and we love it!

Best bit about them? They were made by our very own FdSc Visual Effects Production Technology student Liam Pacey. We caught up with him to see how it went…

Notts TV Notts tonight opening title

Hi Liam, how did you get this exciting opportunity?

I was approached by my tutors about the work, they had been asked by the Head of Programmes at Notts TV if a Confetti student would be interested in creating the graphics for an upcoming TV show. So of course I was up for it!

Did you use any skills that you learnt on your Confetti course?

Yes! The industry practice module proved to be invaluable when working on this client brief.

Including meeting with clients, communicating ideas coherently, professionalism and hitting deadlines.

What was your process for completing the brief?

I started by arranging a meeting to understand exactly what the client was looking for, but I also wanted to go into the meeting with an idea of my own. I decided to create a graphical version of Nottinghamshire’s landmarks – which they absolutely loved and so I continued building the assets for the animation.

I tried out several different movements and showed them to the Notts TV team for approval. They really liked the idea of the camera flying back through the scene and revealing the different landmarks, this was also my favourite version. I had weekly meetings with the team to discuss what they liked and what they thought still needed some work. This direct feedback was extremely useful in guiding my work and ensuring the client was happy.

“Opportunity is the best part of Confetti”

Sounds very organised, how did you find the experience?

The whole experience was fun, exciting and scary at the same time, as I had not previously done work for broadcast, but I trusted that the skills I have learnt at Confetti within the software (Adobe After Effects) and my work ethic to get the job done on time and to a high standard.

Have you had any other opportunities since this work experience?

Since working on the show, a relative of a colleague who runs an online video company has expressed interest in working with me and I’m currently putting together a small showreel for them. So I’m hoping this will lead to additional work and another great opportunity.

Sounds great! What’s your goal after Confetti?

Well I’m progressing onto the Confetti Visual Effects Production Technology Top-Up degree in September to complete my full BSc. Eventually I’d like to move within commuting distance of London and hopefully use the skills I’ve built at Confetti to develop my career at one of the many VFX houses there.

Sounds like a plan! Finally then… best thing about Confetti?

Ahhh, it’s hard to narrow it down to one thing, but I think opportunity is the best part of Confetti. If you make the most of the amazing resources and fantastic teaching team to build your skills, there are many opportunities to be had!

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