Oscar Nominations 2018: Best Original Screenplay

February 2, 2018

Last week, we wrote a blog focusing on the visual effects category from this year’s Oscar nominations and asked you to vote for your winner – find out who won. This week, the focus is on the Original Screenplay category and again, we want to find out who’d win if it was up to you.

This year’s crop of nominees offers a diverse group of writers, stories, and characters. We spoke to Media tutor, Tony Kelly who was very happy with the films selected:

“For me, one of the biggest positives regarding the best screenplay nominations are the range of stories and characters they offer. Most would be considered ‘indies’ – relatively low budget dramas – when compared to some of the huge budget films that come out of Hollywood.”

“Often the big budget Hollywood films tend to feel like the same story repackaged but the range of these nominations back up something I’m always saying to our film students – try not to imitate other films, write the films they want to write, the stories that interest them. The film industry always wants and needs fresh voices so why can’t our students be those next voices.”

The list of nominations breathes fresh hope to aspiring screenwriters that they don’t have to be writing for a big established company to have your work recognised.

It’s over to you. If you had the power to award one of the following films an Oscar, who’d it be?

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