Important Information About the Archaeological Work Around Confetti

March 17, 2017

From Monday (20 March) the archaeological work taking place as part of the construction of our new Digital Media Hub will move into our Courtyard area.

During this time fencing will be in place to allow access to the Confetti building. Work will also be taking place behind the timber fencing next to the Orangery/Electric Mayhem studio. The fencing is there for your protection so we ask that you take care when moving around the area and don’t interfere with the safety barriers.

All bike racks will be affected by this work and all bikes currently in the racks must be removed by 8.30am on Monday 20 March. Temporary bike racks will be located outside EM during the works (limited spaces).

We do not expect this work will take any longer than three weeks.

Check out some of the videos of the finds below and read the full article here: