HE Open Day – Saturday 2 December

December 2, 2017

FdSc Audio & Music Technology
FdSc Games Technology
FdSc TV Production Technology
FdSc Film Production Technology
FdSc Live & Technical Events
FdSc VFX Production Technology
FdA Games Art
FdA Music Performance
BSc Audio & Music Technology (top up)
BSc Games Production (top up)
BSc TV Production technology (top up)
BSc Film Production Technology (top up)
BSc Live & Technical Events (top up)
BSc Visual Effects Production (top up)
MSc Creative Technologies
MA Creative Technologies
Not sure, I just want to have a look round

September 2017
September 2018

I heard a radio advert
I saw a bus advert
I saw a tram advert
I saw a cinema advert
I saw a TV advert
I saw a post on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram
I saw a video on Youtube
I searched on Google/Bing//other search engine
I spoke to someone at a UCAS Fair
I was advised by a referral agency (Futures, Job centre)
I spoke to someone at a school/college careers event
Visited Confetti with school
I was advised by my school/college advisor/tutor
I was advised by a friend/family member
Other (please specify in comment box below)