We’re Confetti – a specialist creative industries institute and home to the best studios and facilities, real industry connections and 1500 talented and passionate students. We offer college-level and degree-level courses in music, games, TV, film, live & technical events and visual effects.

We’re all about making sure you get the best chances to ‘Do It For Real’ – perform it, produce it, design it, film it, stage it. A Confetti education means you will get unique opportunities to learn from those you admire and to showcase your talents.

Industry experience lies at the heart of our courses, offering our ambitious and talented students many chances to get involved in a range of live events across the city.

From producing the trailer for the Mayhem Film Festival to helping at Splendour – Nottingham’s biggest outdoor music event, Confetti offers hundreds of opportunities to ‘Do It For Real’.

Read our case studies below to find out how Confetti has helped student Holly Taylor-Gamble ‘Do It For Real’. We’ve also got all the info on what our students got up to at Splendour last year and all the experience they gained by running the Confetti stage.

Do you want to join us in September 2017 and take advantage of all the exciting opportunities available at Confetti? Scroll through our degree-level and college-level courses and APPLY NOW!